Dear Diary . . .

I’m feeling quite indecisive about what to post first. So I guess I’ll wing it for now, after all, I’ve got big footsteps to fill by the looks of my mom’s blog.

I guess I’ll fill in some blanks from the introduction. I am in college, about to be a sophomore, majoring in Pre-Vet. I love dogs, and all animals, but mostly dogs. I am also a pretty intense gamer when I’m in the mood (and no, I do not mean games like Angry Birds or Temple Run). I also love to write poems even though some aren’t very impressive, and I like to write stories. Maybe if you’ve been reading my mom’s blog you’ll know I’m very blunt with my opinions and even though some may be quite harsh, I don’t withhold them. I like expressing myself, which goes along with the artist’s ambition. Don’t fret though, I’m not going to be blatantly mean.

Though I’m not majoring in art at college, people request me to draw for them and I did pass AP Drawing with a 3.0 on my test score…that’s a 3.0/4.0 (minor flaws.) So, I’ll share some artwork with the great ncdogg viewers:

Art is a hobby and passion of mine, along with dogs and wolves. I do more than Disney cartoons, but what fun would it be if I showed you all of my projects at once? My AP art pieces are much more intricate and detailed than just simple cartoons with little shading. If you ever want any advice on how to draw or paint, send me a message, comment, or email and I’ll gladly give you some tips! (Maybe I shouldn’t make my blog a how-to, but what do I care? It is MY blog.)

Anywho . . .

Hopefully I will be able to add some of my AP art projects later, but seeing how its almost 1AM, I figure I should head off to bed.

This is ncdogg,
Stay classy, fellow bloggers.