Dear Diary, I Played Dawnguard!

Maybe I’m obsessed with blogging already, but it is the weekend and I have nothing better to do. Sure I could be working on my Greek or doing something meaningless like watching clouds float away, but there’s nothing that compares to writing out all of your thoughts onto a big white screen at 1:45 AM.

I’ve really been wanting to play Skyrim ever since my wonderful boyfriend showed me the trailer for the expansion Dawnguard. I mean what’s not to like about fus-roh-dah’ing vampire lords in dark, dreary caves, with nothing but spells and longswords? Where you have to choose whether to go against the forces or join the “dark side”? Having magical amulets and increasing your sneak skill while shooting arrows into the heads of computer generated enemies? Now, I don’t know about you, but I’d buy that in a heart-beat!

I was already very ecstatic when the base game Skyrim had been announced to be released 5 days before my birthday. Of course, my birthday month always seems to be when most new and epic games are released, just one of the many upsides of being born in November. Anyways, I ramble too much. Skryim I knew would be 3x the epicness of Oblivion, maybe not beating Morrowind as far as story or difficulty goes, but still the graphics were to exceed my expectations and the gameplay much smoother and enjoyable. I love the Elder Scrolls games, and I look forward to seeing Bethesda do what they do best: make awesome games.

Now that we’re on the topic of video games, you know what I hate? GameFly. I feel that GameFly is a big, fat waste of money and that true gamers wouldn’t sign up for their bologna. A true gamer, I feel, would want to, oh I don’t know, OWN the game? What good is it if you play a game once, get all the achievements and send it back? How can you really call yourself a gamer if you do that? What other true gamers would probably call you is an achievement w-h-o-r-e (that’s my way of spelling out words without saying them.)

Besides that, people complaining, like on their newest and most outrageously idiotic commercial yet, about getting only $9 back for a game they paid $60 for should just stop playing games forever. Here’s why:

  1. Wait for the pricing to go down, it always does. Even if you have to wait a couple of weeks or more to get the game.
  2. Check the reviews. I can’t tell you how many times my girl “gamer” friends or other people have come to me asking about some game that I’ve looked up and I found uninteresting. So I didn’t like Brink, that doesn’t mean other people don’t like it. If you look up the reviews, and see what the gameplay and storyline is like, then you’ll more than likely have a better chance of finding an enjoyable game for yourself. Then you won’t end up like the kids on the GameFly commercials making idiots of themselves by pressing a GameFly disc to the window of a Gamestop store. Which brings me to my next point . . .
  3. Don’t go to GameStop. Everyone should know the reason, but I’ll be the one to tell you if you don’t: their service is terrible.
  4. Gaming is for enjoyment, for pleasure, for fun; if you want to RENT a GAME, to win it once and send it BACK, be my guest, but don’t consider yourself a true gamer later on when you’ve got 100,000 GP’s (gamer points) because you like to stock up on achievements.
  5. Don’t be an achievement w-h-o-r-e.

Here is what I think of GameStop summed up into a neat, but blunt URL:

GameStop: Urban Dictionary’s Perfect Description

Sorry if this was so harsh, and I’m truly and deeply sorry if you use GameFly, but guess what, you can always send back that rented game and go buy it for keeps right now!

Go now, go to your local mall, Walmart, Target, go, go, go! Go get your game!

This is ncdogg,


4 thoughts on “Dear Diary, I Played Dawnguard!

    • Haha. Thanks. I’m just thinking people are paying monthly for GameFly even if they don’t rent a game. That’s like rebuying a video game over and over and over again, even when they have beaten it.

  1. Ha! This is great because we’re on the same page about GameStop. People who buy on day one and trade back to them are imbeciles. The best way to game is just like you said: be patient, read reviews and grab stuff in sales. Do you ever use the website I’ve saved so much money by frequenting that site, especially on Sundays.

    Also, Dawnguard is fantastic. I hope you enjoy it when you get around to playing it. ^^b

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