Dear Diary, Its Time to Fill In the Gaps…

I was reading over my posts, and after some short naps from a stomach ache, I decided I would fill in the gaps of my blog. Now, unless you’ve read my About Me page, you wouldn’t know that I’m a soon-to-be sophomore in college and I am majoring in Pre-Vet. You might think that since I’ve endured my first year of college that I shouldn’t be nervous for the new year coming up in a couple of months. Its quite the opposite. I’m in new buildings, with a supposedly difficult chemistry teacher, and I feel like I’ve forgotten how to keep track of which classes to go to and which buildings are right. I’ve enjoyed my first year however and I do look forward to my 2nd year of college . . . 1 down, 7 to go.

I guess it doesn’t matter, I’ll have my boyfriend to help me around campus. We attend the same college and he’ll be a senior this year. I can’t describe the anticipation that has been building up inside him to graduate. For ease, we’ll refer to my boyfriend as Toby (that’s not his real name.) Toby and I have been dating for almost two years now, and honestly, now that I look back on all the guys I wanted to date in high school and since I’m older now, I couldn’t have picked a better first boyfriend. Being as that I’m not very outwardly affectionate, I will now turn my attention away from this lovey-dovey crap and move on to more interesting things (not that my boyfriend isn’t interesting, he’s quite humorous) . . .

Now, my best friend I wouldn’t trade in for the world, for now we’ll refer to her as PTF. She’s socially awkward, but has awesome taste in music and likes to experience things with me. Even if its revisiting a town over and over again because the one we live in could be considered well past Hooterville. Not the good kind either, fellas. I’ve gone through quite a few people whom I’ve awarded the title of “best friend”, but I don’t think any of them have been more special and worthwhile than my relationship with PTF. Most of my best friends have either told me that they don’t want to be my best friend anymore, we just stopped talking, or they went off to hang out with some other social clique. PTF also has a blog here now too, but she hasn’t had much time to post or really do much with it right now. You can click here and view her blog.

I guess the next topic I need to fill in is family: I have one biological brother, two half sisters, three legally adopted brothers, and 1 legally adopted sister. I have two parents (you guessed wrong if you thought I was from Mars) who have been happily married for 24 years. My biological brother, whom we will refer to as Sammy is soon to be married at the end of this month to who will soon be my future sister-in-law, H. I love my family as well as my friends.

I think that pretty much fills in any major gaps, the minor ones will soon be filled.

Okay, for today, my boyfriend took me to Dairy Queen to get some food (the Chocolate Candy Shop Blizzard is awesome) and as we were driving home, I was looking on my phone, not paying attention when he yells at the top of his lungs:


We live in the south of the USA, if there are any monkeys, they’d be in a zoo, but our town doesn’t even have a zoo, so there was no logical explanation. Now I get to listen to him take to his grave that a monkey crossed the highway on the way back to my house . . . Bigfoot? Maybe . . . maybe not . . .

This is ncdogg,
Its-a not me, Mario!