Dear Diary, I’ve Got Rain and Sprite

Last night it rained hard, like, super hard. We got 4 1/2 inches of rain in town, luckily I live outside of town so it didn’t rain as bad at my house. The power went off twice, but came back on. The rain gave me plenty of time to work on some old projects of mine since the internet was down.

Meet my Yoshi sprite:

Copyright 2012

I drew this a few months ago, but never found the time to color it. I was torn between coloring it the classic green, or my favorite, the blue Yoshi . . . I made up my mind though, and here’s the result:

Copyright 2012

What started this was a few months ago, my boyfriend and I started playing our old Gameboys, seeing the sprites on the games made me want to draw some. At first I didn’t really know how I would go about drawing the pixels onto paper, it would be too much effort to draw out a custom grid. Then I found some grid paper which my teachers told me I would need and we never used (waste of money), and I went to drawing. I first drew a Charmander sprite for my boyfriend:

Copyright 2012

I am currently working on coloring Charmander, which I will post later.

My colored Charmander sprite:

Okay sad story, cue the depressing violins:

We recently lost the controllers to our Super Nintendo, and boy do I miss playing Yoshi’s Island. Sure, yeah, an emulator has the exact same game, but nothing beats blowing the dust out of an old childhood gaming system, and having to sit too close to the TV because the controller cords are too short. Besides, an imitator could never replace my first actual video game (Yoshi’s Island.) Ah well, you can’t change the fact that controllers are missing . . .

*cough*, okay happy music:

Oh, yes, and one more thing, I’ve put in a new page for all of my artwork. I think you should go check it out, its pretty legit. Now you can check out all of the art I post onto my blog, just in case you miss a few of my diary entries.

This is ncdogg,
Stay thirsty, my friends.


2 thoughts on “Dear Diary, I’ve Got Rain and Sprite

  1. Really cool stuff. I love pixel art, too. So much so that I recently bought a wooden 8 bit Mario and goomba from some guy on Etsy. Expensive, but awesome.

    I am curious if you’re doing these from memory.

  2. No, I am not.
    Its very difficult to draw someone else’s works of art from memory, unless I’ve seen it over and over again recently. Even then, it still wouldn’t look quite exact. That’s because its someone else’s work of art; they’ve drawn that character repeatedly and they know how to draw it. I do not.

    I can draw things from my own imagination, or simple objects, or real live animals because I know what they look like. If I draw it once, I can usually draw it again. It also helps to have a picture or have whatever I’m drawing right in front of me.
    I’m not reliant all the time on photographs, but I do like drawing pictures of animals or such that someone has taken a picture of.

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