Dear Diary, A Friday to Remember

I woke up very well rested this morning, as I expected. I really wanted to sleep. I was awoken by a disturbance at my bedside–Toby. I have no clue what the plans are for today, but I do know he’s making me breakfast at the moment. Well . . . he seems to have used too much baking powder, so we’ll see how this turns out. I’m sure they’ll taste just fine. I’ll take a picture of his creation and post it later. Well, until next time ncdogg followers or newcomers.

* * *

So, there was an old game that I tried to get my mom to remember, to no avail, but I finally found the game. It has a Jamaican girl in it, and I always remembered the dress she wore: Orly’s Draw-A-Story. I was too little to really remember much of the game, but I did remember the girl. I’m glad I got that figured out too, because not remembering the names of Sam and Max Hit the Road and Orly’s Draw-A-Story was really bugging me. Now I get to watch Toby play Dance Dance Revolution.

* * *

Had a good time playing Mario Party 8 with Toby and his little sister. Afterwards, we went out to work on the tire on his car until his dad had to go get it fixed elsewhere. That’s when we headed to the pool and swam for an hour or so. We played with the water guns and torpedoes. Then we headed inside to find his mom cooking dinner; it was a delicious meal and now I’m updating my blog. I’m excited too because Toby mentioned something about making homemade ice cream. I’ve also been doing my exercises in case you’re wondering. Nope, I haven’t stopped. My abs and arms are pretty sore too . . . until next time, ncdogg fans.

This is ncdogg,
“People of the Capital Wasteland, it is I, Three Dog, your ruler!
Hear me, and obey! Oh sorry, that’s that other radio station.”


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