Dear Diary, I Played Dawnguard Pt. 2!


I finally found the time to buy Dawnguard . . . and . . . I am completely amazed and impressed. Not only was I fighting for the safety of the sun, I was fighting for the safety of Skyrim itself. I think what struck me the most were the gargoyles that would burst in the undercrofts. The new crossbow is definitely a new favorite of mine, even if it does reload slowly. The death hounds and added trolls are also a new interesting feature of the content.

Now, my boyfriend and I put it on my Xbox at maybe 11AM or 12PM, either way, I’ve been playing this game for less than 12 hours and I’m almost done with joining the side of the vampires. I have a lot of saves, one of which will let me start to the point where I don’t have to become one with the forces. I’m not fond of being the vampire due to the sun damage, but this new vampire looked pretty epic and I immediately jumped into the thought of hovering while shooting very powerful spells at people and maybe some animals. It got pretty old quick though, as now I miss being a werewolf. Even still, though, the pure epicness of becoming a beast and more like an actual vampire is very cool. I may even keep both saves, one as a vampire and the other as a werewolf.

Another cool aspect is definitely the new horse I found amidst the quest of finding the Elder Scroll that I needed. If you’ve seen the movie Ghost Rider, then you’ll have an idea of what this horse looks like: a skeleton with a flaming mane and tail. His eyes glows, and though he still can’t outrun Shadowmere, still looks pretty awesome when ridden. Arvak (the new horse) is actually usable outside of the Soul Cairn, which is an added bonus. Also a new dragon to summon to fight for you. The Soul Cairn reminded me somewhat of the realms of Oblivion; lightning flashed about, darkness surrounded the valley, and large clouds of instead of red, though, purple swirled about overhead. Though, not much of a challenge to get through, it was an interesting realm to wander through. The first time I dropped through one of the portals in the little well-like holes, I freaked out, thinking I had probably messed up and died. However, when I suddenly found myself atop a great building in the Soul Cairn, I was instantly amazed, yet scared because I didn’t know how to get down. I was even more scared when the giant Keeper burst from the wall with his large axe and started pounding away at my face. Serana proved her worth and great battling skills in this moment when she shot three times at him and he was instantly dead. When I figured out I had to kill all of the Keepers though, I had a little fun with the pillar that floated in the air. I was running low on stamina and in a swift move to save myself from dying, I fus-ro-dah’ed the Keeper off the side of the building. I’ve done this before, mind you, but none compared to the sheer hilariousness of this episode. He did 5 flips in the air, slammed onto the edge of the pillar, and then tumbled to his death. Happy with my accomplishment, I practically skipped back to the ground below.

I haven’t finished the quest quite yet, but I’m close. I still have ┬áto go retrieve Auriel’s Bow, and after that I don’t know what I’ll do, but I’ll surely post it into my blog. Anyhow, I’m loving it; it’s definitely proving to be a fun add-on.

This is ncdogg,
Dovahkiin, Dovahkiin
naal ok zin los vahriin
wah dein vokul mahfaeraak ahst vaal!