Dear Diary, I Played Dawnguard Pt. 3!


Okay, well, I finally finished up the quest that turned me into the vampire, and I must say it was all very fun and the artwork blew my mind. The Forgotten Vale made my jaw drop and my eyes felt like burning from the extreme beauty of the realm. Snow laden trees surrounded by multiple waterfalls and a river of light aqua bluish color. Snowflakes gently danced to the ground while vale deer pranced in the clearing behind me. I had a bit of fun with the Frost Giants, too. Though the journey overall took some time because I like to max out my sneak skill, it was interesting and new. The two giant dragons were a nice added twist, though they were definitely expected. Especially when I walked down the stairs and found the skeleton with some potions right before gliding onto the iced lake. I didn’t like Vrythur, or his frozen Falmer. I died once when he sent out the frost atronach before forming a plan to back into the hallway before the room so it couldn’t reach me. After that, Serana and I blasted spells and shouts at him, along with my Spectral Assassin at our aid. After that, it was just a matter of killing him, which took barely any time at all. Getting through the tunnels was overall the hardest part of the quest. There were multiple enemies, but they’re pretty simple to kill. After that, I fast traveled after retrieving the bow to the castle.

Harkon, Serana’s father, I found very amusing to kill. Mainly because while Serana took care of the skeletons and gargoyles, I shouted and slashed him with Fire Breath and my swords. I thought the ending went well, but I felt like something wasn’t done yet . . . when I remembered Serana’s mother, whom I had left back in the Soul Cairn. I plan to go find her and try to rescue her, if that’s even possible, I’m hoping I can.

The effects and artwork impressed me, but the story in general made me feel better about actually buying Dawnguard. It was worth it and I’m excited to play the game while remaining a werewolf. I’m at the point where I have to get the Moth Priest, I haven’t played much today because I’ve been diligently working on my Greek. I finished the adverbs and verbs. I know how to I say, “I want…” which is θέλω (thelo.) I haven’t looked at “I need,” but I’m so eager to learn! I’ve even synced my Greek CD to my phone so I can listen to it in the car and I play it at night while I’m asleep, that way I’m still learning it at night. Toby still stays a step ahead of me, though he claims I’m much further than him learning my language. I don’t see how though, he knows how to respond to my questions and ask them too. I’m very proud of him though. He’s learned a lot.

This is ncdogg,
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