A Skyrim Tale

Okay, so I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, but never found the time. I wanted to take a small break from my Greek, too. I’ve started this new story and it’s basically my gameplay of Skyrim, but in story form. I wanted to do something like this with Oblivion, but this is just so much better. Anyways, you can find a link at My Stories tab or you can look in the margin for My Diary Logs and click the link that says A Skyrim Tale.

In this story, you can follow me as my female Nord character travels to save the world, find out what her purpose is, and fulfill her destiny. There’s, of course, dragons as you should know, mammoths, giants, castles, jarls, thanes, zombies, wolves, horses, mountains, caves, ruins, and different dimensions, like Daedric gods’ realms and portals to different worlds. There’s also vampires and werewolves, marriage, love, and lots of friends, and of course quests to be fulfilled. Treasure and helping people, murder, slaying of beasts, and ending the war that carries on throughout the land of Skyrim.

If it isn’t appealing to you, then don’t read it.

Now, as you can obviously tell, my grammar is terrible, so if you find words that I could use instead of the ones in my story, then just leave a comment on the A Skyrim Tale page and I’ll change it . . . just . . . for . . . you. Aren’t I nice? Well, you guys are cool too, because you read my silly blog posts. Oh, and I’m trying my best to match the dialogue in the game with the one in the story. Some of it follows exactly, and some of it doesn’t, so if you know the lines that some of the people say in the quests, then comment and tell me and I’ll change it. I’m also trying to leave out as much cussing as possible, so don’t try to correct me on that because I do not care for swearing or cussing. Alright well, I’m off to continue my adventure.

This is ncdogg,


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    • Chapters 1 and 2 have been posted! Just go to My Stories tab and click the link that says “A Skyrim Tale.” Or look to the side on the home page, under My Diary Logs and click the link that says, “A Skyrim Tale.”
      I’m looking forward to comments and more people reading it!
      Thanks everyone!

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