The Wedding

My aunt on my mom’s side is coming today! I’m very excited. Tomorrow I get to go to Wally World and pick up my older sister; Toby is going with me to make sure I don’t get lost. We’ll probably look for dress pants for him while we’re there. The wedding is almost here!

Also, I’ve posted chapter three of A Skyrim Tale which you can still find in the regular spot (My Stories tab or underneath My Diary Logs and click on the link A Skyrim Tale.)

Yesterday, Toby helped me clean my room and I cut his hair and he shaved his beard. I am quite sad, but now he looks like John Travolta from the side. He’s not my boyfriend anymore, he’s a stranger. My room is very clean and very ready for guests to stay in it (they better enjoy my TV because I won’t get to see it for a few days… (hopefully I can still find time to play Skyrim though.))

I’m very ready to go home too to get some more playtime in, my aunt and uncle aren’t expected to come in until about 7 or 8 tonight, but I’m very ready for all of my family to not only be here and see the wedding, but for my boyfriend to meet them, since he’s only met my favorite aunt and uncle on my dad’s side, we’ll refer to them as Aunt S. and Uncle Roo Roo (that’s what I called him when I was little.)

Okay, well, stay updated on my story! I think you’ll love this new chapter!

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