A New Sister-In-Law

Well, my brother is married. It’s a little weird to think about . . . but it already felt like they were married anyways, so not much has really changed for  me. The wedding was absolutely gorgeous and so was H, which is now my new sister-in-law. I’m happy about that, too. My mom should have pictures posted soon of the wedding, so you can click the Like Christmas Every Day link off to the side of my blog to check them out.

I’m on my schedule again, writing my Skyrim story and hopefully working on my Greek some more soon. I’m kind of glad everyone is out of the house, no offense and that I have my room back. It felt good to sleep on a bed instead of the floor. I am also glad that my aunt and uncle on my mom’s side stayed in my room. Nothing was out of place when I returned, only my “dry erase board” was crooked.

Now everyone has bets on who’s going to get married next: my oldest sister, the second oldest sister, or me. T (the second oldest) said it wouldn’t be her and L (the oldest) said that she didn’t know. Speaking of which, L caught the bouquet at the wedding. It was effortless, really, all she did was reach down and pick it up.

Last night was also full of humor, my niece got her birthday presents early from mom. She wanted to show Toby that the leash to her Fluffy dog (that Fur Real Friends pet that walks) lights up. She had been latched to him all night and he was tired and just wanted to relax.

“Come on, [Toby], let me show you.” she said trying to pull his hand. He got up out of his chair and sighed, then replied with this:

“I have a Fluffy at home, I know exactly what it does.” We all started laughing after my niece walked off.

All in all, I did have a pretty relaxing weekend, but I’m glad it’s over and I’ll be happier when I get to hang with PTF this Tuesday and this weekend. Anyways, stay posted for a new chapter to A Skyrim Tale, a new one is coming soon!

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