Greek and Skyrim, Greek and Skyrim, Greek and Skyrim

I’m going to start working on my Greek again very soon. I’m super excited to get back in the game now that I’ve had a long respite for almost a week from it (turns out, taking breaks from things aren’t so bad.) When I start back, I’ll be sure to post it in my blog.

Also, my Skyrim Tale is really coming together. I was very indecisive about my first theme option. I liked the rustic diary look, but the font was just too tiny and appeared to be intimidating to read. Now that I’ve found one that I think suits the feel for a Skyrim adventure, with not so intimidating font, it’s all set to launch. There’s already a few diary entries and I’m on my way to Ustengrav now! You should seriously check it out! The only part I’m having to make up for now is the dates (since I’m ahead in my gameplay than I am in my story) and trying to remember the timeline in which I did everything. It’s all ready though and I’ve passed the hardest part: my journey to Solitude. Everything was so scattered and not going straight to finishing a quest can be confusing I’ve learned, but hey, that’s how I play the game.

Anyways, I’ll be sure to have links to other Skyrim Adventures on (this is a link –>) A Skyrim Tale (<–this is a link), since I’m being mentioned elsewhere, I want to repay the people who’ve helped me out. Stay awesome, WordPress.

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