My ADD Posts

Sooo, some of my posts have titles, and then the content of my posts don’t match. I’m coming to the conclusion that I have ADD (but we all do a little bit; it’s the human way.)

Okay. First off. I want to thank everyone who has been following and liking all of my posts. The support is touching, lemme tell ya.

Second off. I used to hate Photoshop because, let’s face it, there’s better photo editing software out there. Today though, with nothing better to do since I didn’t get much gameplay in this morning, I have come to like it — which brings me to my next point.

Third. If you go to my Skyrim tale, my header photo and my photo of Athena (which can be found at this link) now look way better than before. I took out the lines from the TV on my header picture for the blog. As for the picture of Athena on her About Athena page, I didn’t like the lighting, so I increased the contrast, brought out the details, and blurred the TV lines. Now they both look fan-freaking-tastic.

Fourth. I need to work on my Greek…

And fifthly. I think this post was completely pointless.

As always, stay fresh, fellow bloggers. Check out my Dogs! discussion tab, my Frodo tab, and my A Skyrim Tale blog! Oh, and come back here too. We have cheese cubes . . . people like cheese cubes right? I wouldn’t know, I’m not human.

This is ncdogg,
They told me to pick up a little blue car. They didn’t say anything about a little blue man.