Dear Diary, My Grammar Nazi Made a Small Discovery!

I’ve been writing my story A Skyrim Tale. To get the dialogue from the game, I end up watching YouTube videos of people doing the quests or looking at The UESP. Right now, my character, Athena, is on her way to join up with the Imperial Legion to fight in the civil war of Skyrim. As I’m watching the video where you talk to Legate Rikke about becoming a soldier, I stumbled across something as she told me to clear out Fort Hraagstad…

“We’re going to install a garrison there, but first, your going to clean out the bandits that have moved in.”

…do you see it?

For anyone who doesn’t, here’s the answer:

‘Your’ is possessive.

‘You’re’ is the contraction for ‘you are.’

Now you can all go and edit your mistakes in your Facebook statuses! Hooray! You’re all such great people!

This is ncdogg,
Changing the world one grammatical error at a time.


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