Dear Diary, You’ve Joined Facebook

Yep, you read correctly! I have finally made a Facebook page for my blog. Now if you’re wondering why I’m not posting anything, or want a sneak preview to my next blog post or story chapter, you can check Facebook!

Here is the URL:

Want to know when I’m going to post another chapter? Facebook probably knows. Want to know what the next blog post may be about? Facebook is the place to go. Want to see more artwork, more stories, more everything? Facebook has it. Yep, diary, you’re on Facebook now and there’s no turning back!

I was checking my blogs, just to clean out the spam messages and to check my search terms for possible discussion ideas, when I came across a comment. It was in my spam inbox and it read a very simple question:

“Is this blog on Facebook?”

I pondered this, quite intensely, and thought to myself, “Why isn’t my blog on Facebook?” I mean, let’s face it, everyone is facing it up on Facebook. Unfortunately, simple Google searches are starting to dwindle for me and now that I have quite a few readers, my follower growth has leveled out to about one follower per week. If I made a Facebook page though, starting small, with very close friends, then let it gradually grow to outsiders who don’t blog, but still come to view my never ending rants, then maybe my views could go back to about 20-30 a day.

So, I did it. I made a Facebook page. It’s all up and running and ready for you to click that Like button, if you like my blog. It’s equipped with the latest and greatest on my blog and why I started this blog in the first place. If you’re intense on reading my silly opinions, my frustrations, my stories, and you want to be part of the elite that know beforehand what’s going on, then I would suggest at least checking out the page. It could be worthwhile after all.

Unfortunately, I haven’t posted anything yet, but once it’s calmed down and I’ve broken past the “brand new and awkward” stage (which won’t take long), you’ll be updated like you’ve never been updated before! To your heart’s content, in fact!

Anyways, before I head out, I feel you should all know that the Galaxy Note II has apparently been announced to be released on October 21st for AT&T, which I am stoked beyond comprehension! I can’t wait to get my hands on the new phablet!

Enjoy this work of art:

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