So, as we ALL know, Thanksgiving is coming up in a couple of days. Typically Thanksgiving is a place for gathering, connecting, fun, and of course, feasting, but most importantly, its to count your blessings. I guess I just want to take the time to count all of the things I’m blessed and very thankful for:

1. Having a loving and merciful God who has not only provided the many necessities, but also my many wants

2. A caring and supporting boyfriend who has not only put up with me, but actually enjoys my company (which I’m sure is a little challenging)

3. Two awesome parents who not only provide for me, but also let me sleep in their house, work at their company, and drive their car (especially right now, since mine is in the shop.)

4. Amazing siblings who are there no matter what and who are fun to be around too

5. The best friend I could ever ask for who helps me when I need it and who loves my weirdness

6. The house I’m staying in, the car I drive, the cell phone I use, the functioning laptop I have, the education I’m receiving, a great job, an awesome vet which is allowing me to volunteer at their facilities, and an obedient dog

7. My talent in the arts which wouldn’t have got me much appreciation otherwise

8. My blog which has allowed me to vent and be stupid

9. My stories which have allowed a way for me to express my creativity and broaden my writing skills.

10. All of you awesome people who read my blog and/or my stories whenever something new is posted!

Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving! Stay updated for more drawings from my phone!

This is ncdogg,
Yes, this is Dog.


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