Home Again

Well, we finally made it home safely, and with 90% of the Christmas shopping done, I can say that I’ve had a very satisfying break, aside from getting sick, but I’m already practically over it now. I’m also happy that I got some more chapters in for A Skyrim Tale and for Elsa Flarest. I’m hoping for my two year anniversary gift, Toby will get me the latest add-on’s for Skyrim that I’ve been wanting for a while now (Hearthfire and Dragonborn.) I already know what I’m getting him for our present, but I won’t post it here.

Anyways, I’m all set to post ANOTHER chapter for Elsa Flarest, I’m already typing it out and I had Toby’s help in taking the pictures this time. I’m also considering adding a “Bloopers” page to Elsa Flarest’s Journal and Athena’s page just so you can see some of the crazy things that happen that I don’t put into their stories.

Anyways, as usual here are the links, especially for any new readers:

A Skyrim Tale

Elsa Flarest’s Skyrim Journal

ncdogg’s Facebook Page

Also, I wanted to mention the new add-on for Skyrim called Dragonborn.

My assumption is (and my assumptions have an 80% rate of being wrong) is that you’ll get to fight Tiber Septim with this new add-on, since in the trailer it mentions fighting the first Dragonborn. If that doesn’t interest you, I’d be excited about getting to explore a new region, to which I have no further information on where or what “region” this is; I heard something about it belonging to the elves, but again, its only speculation. Other than that, look forward to gore, fighting, and more creatures to kill outside of Skyrim itself, I’m pretty sure it’ll be something to look forward to in the near future:

Dragonborn: Official Trailer

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