2 Years, 6 Months, and Dishonored

I know, I know, the title is a bit odd. Let me explain.

This will mark my 6 month, that’s half a year people, of blogging. I’m happy to share this milestone post with all my wonderful followers!


Yesterday, I bought my boyfriend’s anniversary present. Our 2-year anniversary is slowly approaching on the 16th and I had finally found the time to buy his gift. I had been planning it for a month now, and I was off to Walmart after completing my final for the day. I bought two boxes of Keurig coffee, some Skittles Riddles, a bow, and a dufflebag. Okay, now you’re all looking at the screen weird. Let me explain some more.

My idea was to take the dufflebag that he told me he wanted, dump two boxes of Keurig coffee in, and then place a bow on the outside and a very heartfelt card in the bag on top of the coffee. I was texting my friend though, and she said instead of putting the card in the bag, put it in the empty box and weigh it down with candy. So, I did just that. I drove home, set up the duffelbag and dumped all the little packs of coffee inside. Afterwards, I wrote out my lovey-dovey card and placed it in one the empty boxes and placed the Skittles on top. I wrapped the box, shoved the 2nd box under my bed so he wouldn’t find it, and then placed my aqua blue bow on the outside of the dufflebag. Done. I was so excited though, I texted him and asked if we could open presents then!

He said yes, and came over. I had completely forgotten about MY gift because I was so ecstatic to see the look on his face when he opened his present. He came into my room and I literally jumped up and down for him to open the wrapped 1st act of his anniversary gift. He smiled, looking up at me, and was about to shake the box and I urged him to just open it, don’t shake it.

“This isn’t full.” He opened it anyways, and BAM, no coffee in the Keurig box. Only Skittles and a card. (He was happy to have the candy since he was always asking for mine.) He read the card and I backed away towards my closet, ready to retrieve the 2nd act of his gift. Once he finished reading, laughing at the silly rhyme I had placed at the end which hinted that he had to look inside of something to find his precious caffeine, I revealed the dufflebag. His face was in pure shock. He had completely forgotten that he had told me he wanted a new bag.

I jumped up and down some more, telling him to open it, and he unzipped it, and viola, there was his giant stash of coffee. He was so surprised by my well-thought out gift that he texted this morning saying how amazed he still was by my present. I’m very glad he enjoyed my anniversary present!

What about MY anniversary present? Oh, well you know, just what any other gamer girl would ask for . . .

DISHONORED! Oh yes, baby, I have the best boyfriend in the world because I was more satisfied with it not wrapped and handed to me. I haven’t played much of it yet, but I’m already loving it. My first play through when breaking out of the prison was, I pulled the lever, right after crossing the yard past the guards, and opened the giant metal door (which opened too slow for my adrenaline rush.) I snuck right in behind a guard. I panicked, Toby was screaming excitedly for me to get out of the way, so my immediate reaction was to go to the left, behind the guard and I had crawled right into a cargo box. I crept toward him, taking the gold in his pocket, then stabbed him in the side of the neck. I picked up his body and moved it into the cargo box so no one would notice he was dead.

Toby looked at me and said, “Wow. You’re good.”

I’m hoping to play more tonight, especially since I only have two finals left tomorrow and then I’m done for this semester! I’ve been very satisfied with the game, the controls were really sensitive at first, but so far, I’m just enjoying having guns AND swords.

This is ncdogg,
“Revenge solves everything.”


4 thoughts on “2 Years, 6 Months, and Dishonored

  1. Glad to see you both enjoyed your presents, Mine and my girlfriend’s 6th anniversary has just gone and it’s always difficult to think of what to buy, mainly because both out birthdays + xmas + anniversary are within 2 months of each other.

    I had to skip the second part, not played Dishonoured yet! It sounds great though so I’m rather envious!

  2. You two are clearly soul-mates.

    I went with my wife on a tour of the nuclear missile test site in Nevada to celebrate our second anniversary. It fit our nuclear lifestyle. She loved it — a sign of our being soul mates.

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