Dear Diary, Some More Thoughts For Today . . .

I’ve finished my review of Dishonored, which was my previous blog post, so now I guess I’ll do what I usually do when not talking about games. I will state my opinion.

As you all know by now, or at least those of you which I love dearly and faithfully read my blog, I am a tomboy. My friends have told me numerous times over the years that I am a tomboy, and even Toby (my own boyfriend) tells me I’m a tomboy. Tomboy is not to be confused with dyke or a lesbian, and I only say this after looking up the definition of the word. Tomboy meaning I’m really just not into things girls would normally be interested in, such as, fashion, make-up, getting roses or lovey dovey cards on Valentine’s Day, or gossip (however, I do enjoy hearing the latest news about my family or family friends.)

Where am I going with this? Well, let me explain . . .

I don’t even know how this started, but somehow I found a blog about another gamer girl . . . then I searched for “gamer girl” in the Reader . . . then I found 50 bajillion different gamer girl blogs. Some, not all, or maybe most, I’m too scared to go look again, were complaining about the portrayal of gamer girls. Some were saying that they’re tired of rude remarks by male gamers, others complaining about the image of gamer girls being 200lbs overweight or unrealistically sexy while playing video games, and others just saying “Yes. I am a girl who plays games.” Now I’ve been on the internet for a good while (more than 3 1/2 years) and I’ve only encountered this stereotyping a few time, and the times that it happened the guys were only joking when making the “get in the kitchen and make me a sammich” remark. We all know that guys prefer making their own sandwiches, silly people.

Now, I don’t know where you other girls are meeting this tremendous population of males that do this stereotyping, but I’m going to assume that 90% of them are 14 year olds playing Call of Duty on Xbox Live who get excited when a girl just looks at them. I’m sure they wouldn’t even know what to do if a girl spoke to them in public. I must add that there really isn’t a good reason to get your panties in a wad over this, and I’ve seen that some of you just want to “be yourself” and “stand out from other gamer girls.” Well, stop complaining about these remarks then because apparently, all the other gamer girls do it. If you want to “stand out,” don’t go along with the offended crowd of women out there!

That’s my ranting for this week . . . maybe . . .

On a completely separate note, okay, not completely, but slightly different. I have four games I’m excited for, the 1st of which I’m 110% positive I’m getting for Christmas, the 2nd I’m 500% positive (because I was there when it was purchased), the 3rd I’m wanting to get when its released, and the 4th is a mystery game which will be announced closer to its release date.

Guild Wars 2

The first game is Guild Wars 2. I’m excited for this because I really like fantasy RPG’s (The Elder Scrolls, Diablo, Breath of Fire, The Legend of Zelda, Secret of Mana, etc.) Toby played WoW back in the day, and though the graphics are crap, he tells me that the quests are infinite and the possibilities are endless. I know that sounded cheesy, but to me, when I’m near death with boredom, anything sounds cool. He’s excited to have someone to play with and I’m excited for the challenge. Like I said with the Dawnguard Skyrim add-on, who wouldn’t be excited for monsters like the classic minotaurs, griffons, and ogres, along with many other creatures native to Guild Wars, harpoon guns, swords, and bows, and of course, the classic choosing of different races to play when setting out on your quests. Imagine Oblivion…now make it multiplayer. That’s what I’m hoping for, or something along those lines.

Harvest Moon: A New Beginning

The second game I’m excited for is Harvest Moon: A New Beginning. Yes, yes, I know I shouldn’t be playing 3DS games, but let’s recap to the boredom concept. I wanted the Harvest Moon for the original DS when I was a little younger, but somehow evaded purchasing it, to my disappointment. After recently playing the older Harvest Moon games, for the SNES, Game Boy, and Game Boy Color, I couldn’t help but to investigate the new HM for the 3DS. It’s gotten good reviews, and with much more improvement than the previous games, such as simpler collecting and much faster money making methods. Let’s face it though, you can never beat the classics.

Animal Crossing: A New Leaf

Lastly, the game I’m eagerly awaiting is Animal Crossing: New Leaf. With more house customizations, new residents like alpacas which run a furniture store and allow you to customize your furniture, a new club to watch K.K. Slider concerts and visit Dr. Shrunk, and the ability to swim in the ocean, this game has gotten me anxious for its arrival. You also get all the old features to the AC games, such as some of the older residents from previous games and some new ones as well. I’m also very eager to see the new decor for the house and the new clothes. New Leaf let’s the player change not just his or her shirt and hair accessories, but the shoes and pants as well, and of course, the graphics will be much improved with the 3D feature. I have to carry on the Animal Crossing Legacy . . .

I’m thinking that the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013 will be a good year to be a gamer. To find out what the mystery game is, well, you’ll just have to stay updated with my blog because this is a game I’ve been excited about for months!

This is ncdogg,
“Say ‘what’ again! Say ‘what’ again! I dare you!”


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  1. I always skip down to the signature and then go back up and read from the beginning! I wanna see it first! LOL! Say ‘what’ again! LOL! Priceless!

    I gave you a shout out on facebook! You are welcome!


  2. “I’m going to assume that 90% of them are 14 year olds playing Call of Duty on Xbox Live who get excited when a girl just looks at them.” I agree wholeheartedly, in fact I remember playing Halo when I was about 14 and hearing a female voice from my headset, I confess I didn’t know what to do haha! Now girl gamers are commonplace and, as you say, the only lads who have a problem with it tend to have a problem with anything. If you get offended easily then perhaps COD isn’t the game for you because everyone is fair game. Either that or just unplug your mic!

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