Dear Diary, The New Year So Far . . .

I’m back after a full month of being away and unfortunately, I was hoping to post some new chapters to my Skyrim stories, but I could never find the time to do so, so I apologize.

On a different note, as predicted I received two games for Christmas, I also received a new shirt, dog clippers, and some two unexpected gifts: a new Bamboo drawing tablet and a WiiU (even when I requested not to get it.) The two games of course are Harvest Moon: A New Beginning and Guild Wars 2, which I have been playing for the most part non-stop in between school work.

So school; I’m taking 17 hours this semester, but I’m only excited about two classes which are Animal Anatomy and Physiology and Vertebrate Zoology. The very first two classes that I haven’t taken in high school in some form AND are related to my major, unlike crops . . . if you didn’t know, plants are nothing like animals and they’re very boring to me. I also get to sleep in an hour later this semester, so that’s always a plus. So far, I’ve been swamped with rewriting notes, reading, and studying so I guess I’m breaking even with last semester. I’m also taking Forage Production and Management (and no, as PTF assumed, they aren’t going to be putting me out in the woods and make me forage for berries and avoid bears.) This class mostly deals with hays and grasses that are fed to horses and ruminants. The other classes which I’m least excited about are University Chemistry II and World Lit. I would be excited for Chemistry had I not been stuck with a dud professor last semester who didn’t teach me a single thing, and World Lit is more or less a class so I’ll have the minimum requirement of hours to keep my scholarship.

I have three labs each week, which kind of sucks, and I’m still getting used to the fact that Mondays won’t be as cruddy as last semester because I won’t have my chemistry lab on Mondays. However, my chemistry lab partner absolutely sucks this semester because she’s a control freak jock who probably thinks I’m some weirdo who listens to death metal and each children’s souls. She’s wrong though, I eat kittens’ souls, they’re healthier.

Nah, I’m kidding, I don’t do either one of those. The next lab however, I will make it more difficult than this previous one since she wants to do all of the work herself, fine, she can do all of it, while I sit around and stare blankly at the instructions. Just a warning to any of you going to college or IN college: don’t judge a book by its cover and also, don’t be mean to your lab partner, because next week, you may be the only one doing the work. All of it made me miss my previous lab partner, a black girl who made me laugh every day because she was scared of fire. I like fire, so it was a win win for me. She got to mix things and I got to heat them, a perfect symbiotic relationship.

On a happier note, I’m giving Guild Wars 2 a 4/5 stars. A 4 because I feel constricted with the NPC’s and the map. Most of it seems kind of scattered and unorganized as well, and I don’t like that they scale you to the area of the map you’re playing. It makes it too easy to level up.

My boyfriend and I did have fun during one of our late night GW sessions where we went to Lion’s Arch and danced in the fountain begging for money. Ironically, another player who kept shapeshifting near the fountain began watching our amusing show and told us he didn’t have any money. We weren’t really asking for any in the first place, just playing around, and after about an hour of dancing in the fountain and showing off our attacks, we decided to go explore some more. It wasn’t the end of the shapeshifter though, and after leaving Lion’s Arch, he had sent 10 silver pieces to us, which officially made us GW hookers. I guess all in all, Guild Wars is a good game, but I would recommend playing with a friend or friends.

Now to the tablet and WiiU. The tablet, most of you probably won’t know much about unless you’re a graphic designer or do any drawing on the computer. It has way more features than my previous one, and personally, I find it easier to draw with too. I haven’t been able to use it much because I’ve been so busy, but I hope to use it more very soon. The WiiU is awesome. Though, we only have the game that comes with the console itself and Super Mario Bro. but even those two are really neat. The graphics seem to get better each time I play a new Nintendo game and if I had to choose, I’d say I wanted the new Scribblenauts to be the next game to be bought for it. I’ve mostly been using it for Netflix, which is nice because I can watch videos and play the WiiU games on just the controller instead of people being stuck to watching me play when they want to watch TV.

Sooo, I guess my new year has been going very good so far. Here’s to 7 months of blogging, a new stage beginning in 2013.

This is ncdogg,
“Egg rolls. I wish I had a breeze running down my leg. I would kill for a cookie. Stingray, a double-sided Scooby Snack. Yeah, we pick our hotel.”


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