Dear Diary, I FINALLY Did Something Productive…

You read right, fellow bloggers, I finally did something I’m sure you’re all eager to hear about: I updated The Elder Scrolls Tales. Oh yeah, that’s right, a brand new chapter, in this belated New Year, happy birthday, Merry Christmas, and happy Halloween!

I think this is my second best chapter so far in the story. I also really appreciate those who participated in the poll I put up a few days ago, even if it was just one or two people who voted. I like hearing things I can improve upon, especially in writing, because I know I have a lot of room for improvement.

So on a different note, I will answer another blogger’s question:

I recently wrote a post about the gifts I had received for Christmas, one of which being a Bamboo Splash Tablet. I love the new version of Bamboo, especially since my other Bamboo tablet was well outdated. The new tablet comes with new features, such as oil paint, where you literally squirt some oil onto the “canvas” and spread it with a scalpel. As far as the mediums, it comes with an oil and watercolor brush, a felt, ink, and gloop pen, a pencil, chalk, crayon, a paint tube, a palette knife, an airbrush, and a paint roller (like what’s used to paint bedrooms.) It also comes with a second “program” persay which is more like an idea sketchbook. Among other things, you can put down stencils, stickers, glitter, gems, and even trace other photos. I haven’t gotten to use it much, but I did create this when I first got it, just to try out a majority of the features:

Its a chibi girl holding popcorn with flower clips in her hair about to be destroyed by a meteor. I call it… Ha.

The bad part? I don’t like that the pen doesn’t also come with an “eraser.” On my other tablet, I could turn the pen over and it would erase and turn it back to the pen and it would write again. That however, is the only con I can see in the tablet itself. Other than that, it’s everything I expected and a little more. They also come in three sizes, at least on the website they do which of course is small, medium, and large. So, I guess what I’m saying is that it’s a pretty awesome art tablet.

This is ncdogg,
“Raise your right hand and say something patriotic.”
“We’ll be right back after these messages.”


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