Dear Diary, An Epic Fail On My Part


So, I was going to start writing the next chapter for Elsa Flarest today. I was excited too, because I discovered I had already begun writing it, so I started to pick up where I left off in the chapter. It was going great, my descriptions were coming to me with ease and it was all flowing very nicely together.

So, I got home from classes and after giving my dog a haircut, I decided I would pick up on the gameplay to get some pictures and fill in any missing details along the way. I was nestled into bed, I had finished playing all my app games on my phone, turned my new humidifier on, and pulled my wolf blanket snug to my chest. I turned the Xbox on using the controller and loaded Skyrim. I checked Facebook while waiting for it to load any add-on’s, listening of course, to the theme song.

After it finally pulled up the menu, I looked for Elsa Flarest’s file among the many variety of characters, from my original Khajiit awesomeness supreme thief, to my brand new male Khajiit, my dark elf, high elf, and Athena, then I found Elsa, somewhere in the midst of the sea of characters. I stared at the photo for the save though…I stared… and looked…scratched my head.

The save read:

590 Solitude

Elsa Flarest, Imperial, Level 11


11/22/2005, 9:31AM

Solitude? Surely not, I thought to myself. I turned to my laptop, opened up my file labeled Elsa Flarest EDIT and looked inside; there were pictures that were taken….recently. Surely enough I had already finished the next chapter play-through, and I can’t even remember what happened during the last play time. So guys, I’m doing this next chapter off of my vague memory, wish me luck, oh, and that game I mentioned back before Christmas that I’m excited for is the new Bioshock game. SURPRISE!


I mean, a city in the sky, jumping around, shooting sparks and flames, fighting robots. Sounds like a grand time to me. I’m hoping it will be as good as the previous Bioshock, or maybe better? I’m hoping so. The other game I’m eager to get my paws on is the new Pokemon game for the 3DS, but I’m scared at the same time that it won’t fulfill my expectations. I mean, I like the 3D stuff and the new 3-dimensional characters that resemble more of Nintendo’s classics such as Mario and Pikmin, but I like my Pokemon in 2D as well. With the new Pokemon game though, means I’ll need to update my Pokemon Guide.

Oh, I never told you? Well, it’s nothing really, just, oh I don’t know, 82 pages of every Pokemon up to the fifth generation, including an index. The cool part? It was handmade and a Valentine’s Day present from last year to my wonderful boyfriend. At the front it even shows which types are good and bad against which ones. The custom part is that it even includes the Japanese name for the Pokemon…written in Japanese. Anyways, nothing special or anything.

This is ncdogg,
“Gotta Catch ‘Em All!”


2 thoughts on “Dear Diary, An Epic Fail On My Part

  1. Awesome!
    My old, old saves did the “2005” thing too…which is impossible, because the game wasn’t even out in 2005! Weirdness…

    • The console does it, not the game. I’m just too lazy to fix the clock on the console so the date is correct. I keep telling myself to fix it, but I never do (probably because it’s not that important. (I know what year it is.))

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