Deary Diary, New Things To Come!

So, everyone, you can say good-bye to the personal part of my blog, excluding my art and my dog, and say hello to the new! We’re getting rid of updates about my life, and putting in updates on GAMES! Video games to be exact, not board games…that would make you bored. Ha…haha…


Oh, hello there, audience, I was wondering when you’d return. Anywho, video games, fanfiction, my opinion on games, all of that stuff, some art, maybe a picture of my dog here and there! Ah yes, this blog is starting to come together even more!

See, at first, I really didn’t know what I wanted, I mostly just needed an outlet, something to express myself, but unlike all of you other early bloomers, I’m a bit late on really deciding, but I’ve made my decision, and this will be about video games. I’m looking forward to doing business with each and every one of you gamers out there.

Oh and Elsa Flarest’s new diary entry will be posted TONIGHT! Set your clocks because its crap-tastic long and you’re all gonna be like, “What the heck kind of update is this?! This is crap, I demand a refund!”

I digress though…

So, on behalf of my blog and myself and that butterfly on my window, I say, Hello World! and Hello ncdogg!

This is ncdogg,
This is the Non-Confidential Diary of a Gamer Girl, signing off!


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