Dear Diary, Three Chapters In One Week?!

Yep, you read right, gamers and fanfiction lovers, I’ve finished the next play-through for Athena and I’m working on the playthrough for Elsa, which means two more chapters to be expected this week!

I’m having a lot of fun writing the next chapter for Athena since she’s met Vorstag and I’ve already come up with the coolest plan for later in the story that I think the readers will love and it will definitely set my story apart from most everyone else’s, besides the differences in characters and personalities.

Okay, about the next Elder Scrolls Tale, I’m still working on the chapters to be posted when I do start the story and I’m hoping by the end of this semester I can start the very first chapter, even though Athena’s story more than likely won’t be done by then, I’m excited to at least get a prologue or something typed up for the Oblivion Tale.

So, as a summary for A Skyrim Tale, this is where I’m at so far, in case any of you are really wondering (especially since I don’t title mine as chapters):

21 Chapters (that’s including the entries I’m about to post for Athena)
112,441 Words
172 Pages
25 Quests Completed in 35 days (that’s in-game days)
0 Bunnies Slaughtered (so proud of myself. SAVE THE BUNNIES!!!)
1000 Gold for Largest Bounty
Level 20

Here is the summary for Elsa Flarest’s Skyrim Journal:

15 Entries/”Chapters”
27,892 Words
36 Pages
9 Quests Completed in 16 days (in-game days)
3 Bunnies Slaughtered (For shame, Elsa, for shame!)
No Bounties
Level 11

I’d say we’re making great time! Tomorrow, I will discuss the wonders of Scribblenauts: Unlimited!

This is ncdogg,
Let me guess, someone stole your sweetroll.


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