Scribblenauts: Unlimited Pt. 1

I said I would post probably 3 more updates for Elsa and Athena, unfortunately, I was not expecting to go to the dentist and getting a baby tooth pulled (a baby tooth–I’m 20 years old and still have baby teeth), so I’m in a lot of pain and trying to concentrate the best I can while writing these chapters.

Okay, so Scribblenauts: Unlimited!

I got it a couple of weeks ago, excited, but slightly apprehensive about the WiiU game. To be honest, I’m more apprehensive about Nintendo games now, more than ever, because the quality is either really good or really crappy. This game however, has been really good so far.

Unlike Scribblenauts for the DS, you can edit the objects more, making them humongous or microscopic, blue, polka dotted, striped, textured, give a bunny a top hat, give a dinosaur angel wings, make a Santa dragon (like Toby did) or make your very own ManBearPig like I did! I’m worried that the levels aren’t going to be as long as they were for the DS though because I’ve only played a couple of days and I’m already on the third world.

The variety of objects is widened though, and the new addition of adjectives makes the game even more interesting, like friendly spiders, beautiful witches, skinny wrestlers, its all up to you, literally. The graphics have definitely improved from the first, though, I’m not sure what the second Scribblenauts was like because I never played it.

Okay, I’ll continue this discussion later, I need my rest.

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