Scribblenauts: Unlimited Pt. 2

I decided to wait a little while after the most recent chapter of Elsa had been posted to see if anyone had really read the chapter in the first place. Well, it seems no one has and it’s been a couple of days, so, I want to point out that I had placed a very neat Easter Egg inside that chapter, SO, I know it’s a long chapter, and you can really get the gist of it if you scroll down after the last picture in Dead Man’s Respite and start from that paragraph. If you find it, feel free to comment on the chapter!

Also, I’ve posted a new chapter for Athena and the next one should be posted soon as well. I really liked the chapter I just posted because it’s the perfect length and it’s got a lot of good stuff about Vorstag in it, so get to reading it when you can!

Now, to continue our discussion of Scribblenauts: Unlimited, I left off saying that it had really good graphics. As far the gameplay goes, Toby got a little frustrated with the controls in editing mode, which I found kind of confusing too at first. Like with any game though, experimenting is the best way to go! Kind of like with Dishonored, which if I didn’t mention before, I finished in like 4 days and loved every second of it–moving on though!

Editing can also be a bit complicated when you’re trying to color something, or add appendages or other objects to a body. We found out that when you go to create a new object, if you choose something living, the body cannot be trashed. It’s also difficult, like I said, to add feet and hands to the object and to get them lined up right so when you go to play with them, they don’t look like retarded monkeys running around everywhere. The other problem is that you have to use the button that plays the object in different positions, like laying down, flying, running, sleeping, attacking, etc, to make sure you’ve colored everything you want. Other than those flaws, editing can be super fun.

Besides how appearances go on the game, you can also edit the objects behavior. I made a bed with eyes and a mouth, if it got near something, I don’t remember what, it would explode, and it made frog noises. I also made a giant Husky dog that could fly and chased food, which by the way, isn’t a good strategy if you want him to pull a sled for you.

My rating:

4.0/5.0 Stars

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