Dear Diary, Spring Break: 1 Week of Skyrim

Oh yes, my readers, this is my gift to you, this spring break we’re going to be doing what I’m going to call Skyrim: Uncensored which is a full week to you, the readers!

So what is this Skyrim: Uncensored event, you ask?

Well, I’m going to play Skyrim and post every day for a week of all the hilarious glitches or otherwise randomness that happens in the game. What started this? Well, I played Athena and Elsa, and even made some new characters a couple of weeks ago and while playing them…things…happened…things that will never happen again. This made me think, “Hmm…maybe I should do something with this…and post it on my blog…something…kind of like a comical documentary of one of my Skyrim characters…” and so here we are!

For my Skyrim: Uncensored, I will be playing my very first character I made on Skyrim–ME! My Khajiit named…*cough* uh… ncdogg. Sorry, confidentiality purposes force me not to post my real name on the Internet.

Anyways, I know she’s finished most of the quests, BUT there’s still a lot to be explored and done in the world of Skyrim for my master thief. I will be delving deep into ruins, excavating mines and caves, and obliterating forts (okay, not really, but still…it sounds cool…) I will post similar to a diary and there will be pictures, oh yes, there is a lot to be awaited this Spring Break, people! Tonight will be Day 1 of Skyrim: Uncensored so fasten your seat belts, spring is blooming with new things to come!

This is ncdogg,
Holy Spring Break, Batman!


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