Skyrim: Uncensored – Day 2

With a yawn, and a very fatigued stature, I was able to pick up the Xbox controller today and continue with the week of Skyrim: Uncensored. Since my travels will more than certainly not contain the mishaps from my other characters’ adventures, I will include them here, so, some events that do not include pictures more than likely happened on a different file, but I definitely wanted to share my play through AND what had happened that made me start this in the first place. So without further ado…

I woke in the poorly stuffed bed roll of the Dwemer ruin, Mzinchaleft, and though I yearned for more sleep, I pulled my self from the fragile design of the tent. I ate an apple in my bag and entered the ruin. The place was overrun with bandits, bandits, bandits, bandits! Bandits leaning against the walls, along corners, guarding doors, making food, talking to themselves, sharpening blades, bandits everywhere!

The first one I ran into was near the entrance and to my left, a gated wall blocked some of my vision, but not so much so that I couldn’t see the two bandits behind the bars.

Peek-a-boo, I see you! MUAH HA HA HA!

I crept around and fired a crossbow bolt in the bandit thug’s back which drew both the thug and outlaw to my attention. They charged in, though they hadn’t a clue where I was since I was in my super secret sneak mode, that is, until the first bumped right into me. He didn’t go down with much of a fight, two swings from him and three bolts from me. Seems fair. The second seemed easier to kill than the first and I continued on my merry way.

The ruin seemed to be turning out into quite an easy exploration. Up ahead, another bandit paced the floor guarding the passage further into the ruin. I was able to climb onto a fallen pillar and though I was still slightly in the light, he acted as if I didn’t exist. My bow, named Firineal’s End, for the dead bride I killed as a contract for the Dark Brotherhood, one shot and he was dead.

That’s right, you see nothing. I don’t exist.

Further down I ran into two goons patrolling a kettle. The food smelled horrendous, so I figured I would teach them a thing or two about cooking and fired a shot into the first man’s neck. The second man, a dark elf, rose from him seat to see who had killed his buddy, but I was able to shoot him down before he even unsheathed his weapon.

I demand my food NOW!

After looting the bodies and searching the chest, I was satisfied with the Glass boots and gold I had found and headed to the right and down and entered a room where Dwemer Centaurs were battling it out with the last remains of the bandits.

Lightning was firing everywhere and when it finally settled down, I charged in with my Nightingale Blade and Mehrune’s Razor and chopped the metal droids to death before following the hallway only to be awed by a sideways Centurion mounted on the wall behind a gate.

Should I call a healer? This doesn’t seem normal.

I retrieved his core, homologous to a heart, and then after fighting off another Centaur, found myself among Falmer. I twisted and wound my way to a puzzle where I had to pull several levers and twist and wind my way to the valve wheel where the final gate was opened and I could finally escape. I really don’t know how I solved it other than pulling the levers multiple times.

After sneaking my way past a Falmer “scholar” and interrupting Falmer lessons, I entered the tunnels, stabbed a Falmer mage in the dark, who for some reason…presented…herself to me and I respectfully declined.


After following the tunnel, I finally made it to the outside, sort of, it really wasn’t outside, but it was no longer filled with dead Centaurs. The new area was full of Falmer and water, and of course I jumped to the water below instead of trying to avoid the Falmer. I swam straight across to the nearby door at the stop of a staircase and followed it inside to which I found myself fighting more Centaurs.

They didn’t take long to best, but I still had a ways to go and I couldn’t find the exit. I decided to go straight and just keep following the rooms and tunnels. I found my way “outside” again and realizing I would have to open the gate to get across where I could see the door off in the distance, I noticed a ramp winding upward past more Falmer. I clung to the wall and stayed in the dark away from the blind elves and walked up the steps where a Falmer guarded the button that would open the gate. When I slit his throat, he fell to the floor and I leaped to the bottom to the rocks, clinging again to the wall and creeping through the gate.

There was a fountain in the center of the plaza and Falmer everywhere, rounding the perimeter pillars and rushing to their tents, avoiding each other, almost avoiding their own shadows that they would never see. I stayed as far away, weaving and dodging the ones that strayed to close to me, and finally found the room with the Dwemer Centurion–a symbol of freedom for any Dwemer ruin explorer! I knew that once I saw the Dwemer Centurion, I would almost be out of the the ruin, as was the custom for most Dwemer ruins.

A Centaur plopped from the hole in the wall and the great metal beast with the god-like face stepped forth from the constraints of his station. I took my leave to the right, up the steps and to the back of the Centurion where he wouldn’t see me and after leaping down, I barrel rolled to the lever that would send the gears of the elevator spinning and I would finally be out of Mzinchaleft!

*chants quietly*
I’m a fly on the wall…
I’m a fly on the wall…

After escaping, I journeyed south where I happened upon some mammoths…however, these were no ordinary mammoths like the ones before…oh no, these were flying mammoths. There were two, the first stood, keeping a cautious eye on me, the second however, seemed to be having trouble. He was stuck on the first mammoth’s back, and then, in an instant, he shot up into the sky, at least 50 feet into the air and stayed there for a few seconds. I didn’t know what to do except for watch, and then, as quick as he shot up, he fell, all 50 feet back down to the ground where he didn’t move again. I slowly approached, to make sure he wasn’t going to get back up as the first mammoth walked away, uninterested in his comrade’s game. The mammoth was dead and I just had a mini heart attack…

After the strange event, I made it to the burnt cabin near the Western Watchtower and I passed out from exhaustion on the rugged cot.


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