Dear Diary, Xbox One? More Like Xbox None

So, since my fellow game bloggers have decided to take this route, I will too, and post my opinion about the new Xbox One.

Here it is, plain and simple:

I’m not paying the rumored $500.00 for around 5 pounds of crap. That’s $100 per pound. That’s some overpriced crap.

First off, it’s not backwards compatible. Which may mean nothing to you, but to anyone who wants to continue playing their older Xbox games (which will more than likely include Xbox 360 games), you can say good-bye to that, because Xbox One, means all for one, none for all. Oh, and Microsoft, more than 5% of gamers play older games on their newer consoles (when compatible.) You wouldn’t know that by YOUR statistics because you’ve only had three consoles released (if you can even count the Xbox Slim) and only one that had a large game selection from it’s release. I don’t know any other way to say this, except to say that I would very much like to play my Xbox 360 games on a new console, if presented the option. If not, and this thing takes off, I’m joining Steam.

Second off, it’s rumored that to play the games, you will be required to download the game, to which you have to be connected to the internet to be able to play. Now, this may not seem so bad . . . until you get that internet bill that’s out of this universe. Hey, but Microsoft isn’t being so mean! You get at least 24 hours before having to reconnect–thanks, Microsoft!

Thirdly, I buy a game console to play games. I think it’s neat and convenient to be able to play Blu-Ray DVD’s and to have Netflix right there at the tips of my thumbs, but that’s not why I personally would give up half a paycheck for a gaming console, (if I made that kind of money.)

Fourthly, the Kinect must always be on? I didn’t even like the first Kinect and now this one has to be on and connected to the internet, too? Our Kinect doesn’t even work properly; it takes forever to recognize you (and a majority of the time, it doesn’t at all) and the games that come compatible for the Kinect are little kid games or games I just don’t play, like sports games.

Fifthly, and not that this is majorly important in my decision to buy or not to buy the new Xbox One, but the design looks unimaginative and just . . . boring. The new controller looks dumb and bland, almost like it’s missing a soul and has beady eyes.

My hopes are that the new Xbox None will end up like the WiiU: in Walmart, on a fully stocked shelf of the product because no one wants to pony up the money for something so outrageously overpriced, complicated, and just ignorantly planned.

Don’t be a dummy, don’t give them your money.

This is ncdogg,
All for none, and none for all!


4 thoughts on “Dear Diary, Xbox One? More Like Xbox None

  1. WhoawhoawhoawhoawhoaWHOA. Hey now. Wii U is gonna be epic. Just give it some time. Remember the 3DS? Look at it now.
    And, um, yeah, the backwards compatibility thing and design are pretty dumb. But I’m excited about the Kinect. Ours works fine (now…), so I can’t wait to see what they do with this one. But yeah, I have plenty of disappointments with XBOX “One” (anybody else agree “XBOX 720” would’ve been MUCH better?).

    • You say that as if they haven’t already released the WiiU. We have a WiiU, and it’s . . . okay. The main thing is, the graphics. The graphics are out of this world amazing for Nintendo. The only thing they need to improve, and I’ve been saying this for a year and a half: their game selection. Their game selection consists of: Nintendo products (Mario Bro., Luigi’s Mansion, Kirby, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Zelda, Mario Party, etc.) and crap (My Little Pony, Lego (everything), Barbie, Cars, Shrek, Dora, Disney Princess, (I think we’re seeing the trend here.)) Not that it’s a bad thing, but there are ways to reach the public other than through crappy games. Make more of your specialized games, i.e. Mario!

      The 3DS was completely different from the WiiU. The 3DS was 1. portable, 2. hand-held, 3. the first 3D console. Most reviews I read about the 3DS when it was announced to be released said they were very excited for the new hand-held device, as was I when my boyfriend and I discovered the release date. The WiiU, however, was just competing with Sony’s PS Vita.

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