Skyrim: Uncensored – Day 3

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I wanted to stay in the living room with my mom to watch GSN, so I moved the small TV from my brother’s old room to the living room to play Skyrim. The pictures are probably not as good of quality as my others because of this, since it’s not on my own TV.

I was not disappointed with this playthrough either. A lot happened on this day in Skyrim . . . a lot. So without further ado, I present to you, Day 3 of Skyrim Uncensored . . . . .

I woke from the rugged bed, not a great night’s sleep, but something if anything. I decided I would follow the road and see where it would take me–which apparently was north. So from there, I passed through the field, at 12am, heading north of Whiterun.

Besides a few wolves and one bandit, the trip over the mountain was uneventful. Except for a Nightwalker I happened upon . . . he and his thrawl. They stood there as if I were one of their own kind, the Nightwalker even had the audacity to ask if I needed anything before he realized I was a human being, and the Dragonborn. Yeah, they didn’t last long after I used my fire shout and a couple of quick strikes from my blade.

Okay, CUT!
No, Bob, your line is, “You remind me of my cousin’s cat. Killed that, too.” She’s the Dragonborn, your sworn enemy, get it right this time.

After continuing on my trek, I came upon the Lord Stone, with three bandits who weren’t so happy about me visiting their bedrolls and empty plates. It was no matter though, with two swings, the first bandit fell down dead. The second was a little tougher, until I shouted some fire breath into his face, forcing him to topple over onto the stone platform. The last was no match for me and ended up dying with one hit from my Mehrune’s Razor. Afterwards, I continued in between the mountain I had emerged from and down the other side.

Apparently slippery rocks are non-existent because I had no trouble getting down to the ground from the mountain. I had also stumbled upon a Nordic tomb called Frostmere Crypt and there was a woman standing outside. She didn’t attack, she just stood there looking annoyed, and asking me in a harsh tone what I wanted.

Ya know, it’s the middle of the night, how creepy would it be to look up and see a cat-being with a Dragonscale helmet and Thieves Guild armor staring at you with a bow in her hand?

Well, I would like you to have a better attitude, but since that won’t happen, I’ll just see what you have in your pockets. When I dipped my hands into her back pocket of her greaves, I found a juicy diary about her love life and secret romance with the Jarl of Whiterun–HA! I’m kidding. It was just some journal about her being in a gang, their leader became corrupt, so her and a Khajiit left and joined a new gang, started mining in this crypt, Khajiit gone crazy about some Pale Lady and wanting the leader to put the sword he’d found in the crypt. Ya know, this sounds oddly familiar . . . I feel somewhere in a past life . . . maybe I met this Pale Lady . . . I might be crazier than the Khajiit in the story though.

Well, an adventure I will go on to find this Pale Lady, and with that, I swooped into Frostmere Crypt. Two bandits down at the bottom of the slope were talking about the girl outside, Elisa Blackthorn, and the Khajiit mentioned in the story, Ra’jir, saying something about how she’s too confident and sticking up for the cat, and how Ra’jir is going insane. Well, that’s about enough of storytime, one arrow for you, sweet Nord prince, and one for you, sweet Nord princess. That didn’t exactly work, the female was tougher than I thought and caught the attention of her hidden comrade from the other side of the “foyer.” No matter, my Nightingale blade took care of them and continued on my merry way.

Down the steep slope and around a corner, I entered a caged walkway that made a sharp left to another room. The walkway hovered over the tunnels that led further into the cavern. I turned left and came upon a hallway, to the left a bandit leaned against the wall next to a door and to the right, there were a couple of bedrooms and stairs that led downward into the cavern. I decided to retrieve my bow and take a nab at killing the bandit against the wall.

One shot, miss, right over his shoulder. Second shot, hit, and he came sprinting toward me, but couldn’t find exactly where I had disappeared to because I was sneaking. About five shots later (I’m definitely not an bowman like Elsa) he fell dead, he never even saw me (but I am a master at sneaking.) Continuing onward, there was a room with another journal, the new leader’s journal, a man named Kyr. He wrote about finding a grove in this ruin, and a sword in the grove which he took, but Ra’jir kept asking him to see the sword, I’m assuming Ra’jir wanted him to put it back, judging by the contents of Elisa’s journal. After stuffing the book into my knapsack, I turned left and entered another room, and found a note from Ra’jir to Elisa talking about hearing the Pale Lady and the urgency in returning the sword. I placed the note in my pocket, and returned to the hallway where stairs led down into what the bandits looked like they were using as a dining area. The first one kept unsheathing and sheathing his mace, so I shot him in the neck. The second one saw my arrow and came up the stairs, a bandit thug, two shots from my Nightingale bow, and a few swings from my blades sent him toppling over the edge. I did find some magical floating cups too.

Oooo, what other tricks do you do, Mr. Crypt?!

Afterwards, I continued through the door where the hallway turned to the right and was very curvy due to bad mining on the bandits’ part and killed a bandit in his sleep, continued to the end where a female Imperial sat guard over a lever that controlled the bridge outside her cage. A beautiful shot in the arm and she died . . . she didn’t even fall out of the chair.

I guess that counts as magic.

However, her groan of pain caught her colleague’s attention who came after me like a lion goes after a deer. No matter, she was killed with the same fate as Leaning-Against-the-Wall Bandit. Then it was down into the cavern where spiral wooden planks led downward to a Dunmer having a nice snack at the table–a shot in the back and he went under the table. Then I was scott free to enter where the bandits had been mining.

When I headed down the dirt slope, I ran into a Redguard man and a Nord woman talking about their leader being in the mines for too long, that they should go look for him in another hour or so. Mutiny, I said, and shot the man in the back, the woman however was good with magic. I had to dodge and weave back up the slope to the spiraled stairs where I could get a clear shot with my bow. She had none of it though, and retreated to her post close to the mine. “Nay, woman! I shall kill you with a mighty force!” So I followed her and shouted some flames in her face.

Then down where the bandits were still excavating, I found an Orc making sluggish progress in clearing out the narrow hallway.

“All work and no play makes you a dead man.” An arrow in his back sent me on my way into the grove where I heard coughing and heaving.

Oh, way to ruin the majesty, Kyr.

The leader, Kyr, was sitting, bloodied and bruised to the right.

Um . . . can you repeat that? I was too busy looking at the enormous gash in your gut.

He told me that Ra’jir had ambushed him and was trying to return the sword, he was trying to get more words out, but he fell over and sighed out his last breath. I turned around and noticed a light come in between a rock and one of the trees then continued down the path, I made a mad dash to follow it, when I came upon a lake. There were two people standing across the water on a platform. One was glowing and icey blue white, and floating, and the other I assumed to be Ra’jir. I didn’t want to be noticed because the wisps would notice me, and when I went to retrieve my bow, it was already too late, she had killed Ra’jir.

Yay! More floating things!

I was about to stand and attack, but then a wisp thought it would be just hilarious to push me into the water. Cover blown, soaking wet, I climbed up to the platform and made my not-so-great introduction with my swords. The Pale Lady was not amused, but she didn’t attack either, it was as if my odd entrance had caught her dumbfounded. Well, I went to hacking away with my swords until she dissolved into a pile of ash.

Ra’jir was holding the Pale Sword, which I took, and then I exited the cavern going up the wooden staircase, when I found a chest full of valuables (an enchanted glass cuirass, some enchanted jewelry, gems, and gold), but I knew I didn’t have room in my pack for a majority of it, and especially not the cuirass. I went for it anyways and downed a potion of strength to help the load feel lighter. Ah, yes, and I did happen upon a Word Wall which taught me the shout for Ice Form, or the second word for it, a great addition to my collection.

How much closer do I have to be to learn this stupid word?!

I then exited out a door that had a wooden plank, preventing anyone on the other side from entering into the grove. I had returned to the hall before the caged walkway, and made my quick escape back into the afternoon chill of Skyrim.

Since it wasn’t too late in the afternoon, I decided to go to Solitude. So I began my journey west, nothing out of the ordinary for a few miles . . . that’s when the troll was spotted. I was prepared . . . slightly, except for my fear of trolls, I began to scream like a little girl and run around like a chicken with its head cut off until I had found a safe place to call Odahviing (yes, this was for a troll. They’re scary, okay?) and when he swooped in for my rescue, I went to his aid too, a little . . .

I’ll be your moral support, that’s all I’m good for with trolls anyways.

I really wasn’t much of help except to cheer Odahviing on and talk smack to the troll. The battle lasted a little longer than my potion required though and right as the troll fell dead, I became encumbered by the heavy load. That’s right, it was time to start walking, and shouting Whirlwind Sprint over and over. Oh, how my life is so hard in Skyrim.

I passed by some Thalmor who paid no attention to me walking, walking, walking, then shouting out of nowhere, then walking, walking, walking again. I crossed over a hill, and unknowingly, walking straight into a Stormcloak camp. They were not pleased and began firing a blanket of arrows into me. It was time for Odahviing to return, though it risked me not being able to shout again for a while. It had to be done, so I called my comrade, who swooped in, again, to save my hide and began blasting fire at the army. I had slowly taken cover behind a rock before noticing their horses–the perfect getaway. So I waited while Odahviing fired and snapped and growled at the rebels, until I was able to shout again and then made my way to their camp.

Odahviing had corralled them into a huddle, so I had shouted my way right in the midst of their fighting. When Odahviing took to the skies in that moment, I was the target of choice and the wave of arrows came at me again. Great . . . thanks Odahviing for ditching me in the last second. I withdrew my blades and stabbed and whacked and chopped at anyone who got too close. Three down, four to go, and finally Odahviing had found a place to land, and I found a moment to shout even closer to their prized horses. While Odahviing covered me, I shouted once more up to a roan horse which I struggled into the saddle due to the many items in my knapsack, but the horse had no trouble carrying me and my valuables and away we took, passing through the swamp that was just behind Morthal and up to the mill that sat below Solitude. I had planned to ditch the horse before arriving at Solitude, but in my hurry to escape a bandit and mudcrab, I completely lost my train of thought and rode up to the carriage that was seated at the end of the endless hill to Solitude. I dismounted, but no guards took notice that horse wasn’t even mine and with that, the horse and I parted ways.

By the time I made it inside the walls, it was evening, I had just enough time to sell some things before heading to my Solitude mansion. It felt good to be in a normal bed . . . tomorrow, who knows what the day will bring in Skyrim.