Skyrim: Uncensored – Day 4

This Uncensored post is fairly short because not a lot happened. I was going to put in the playthrough with finding sword for Hroldan, but it would be stretching it too much. However, any play time in Skyrim is always enjoyable!

After putting away some armor and gems, I headed back into Solitude after a good night’s sleep with my husband, Marcurio. I ran into my favorite group of men: the Penitus Oculatus Agents from my adventures with the Dark Brotherhood so long ago. Three were always found in the watchtower that formed the bridge that led to the training ground for the guard.

Look, guys, I’m in the middle of a playthrough, could you give me a break for one day?

I killed the three in the tower, as usual, they never fight back, but the one that waited outside the watchtower always got me into trouble. I smacked him with my sword, to which he began to attack, but I put my swords away and he too, yielded. However, I went behind him and stabbed in the back which alarmed the guards. However, one recognized me as a member of the Thieves Guild, and let me off with a 50% off fine. I love discounts!

Afterwards, I headed back into the perils of Skyrim, taking the road, where ever it led me. I jumped down to the mill, crossed over the river, and onto land where I met up with a couple of bandits, who didn’t seem concerned about me coming onto their territory.

Don’t mind me.

Until I noticed the dragon looming overhead and decided I would make a run for it–that’s when I caught their attention. I jumped up some rocks and out of harm’s way. However, out of the pan into the fire. I had run into the dragon who was now fighting a bear. A bear, I might add, who chased me across the higher part of land as the dragon took to causing chaos at the Dragon Bridge settlement.

I fired a couple of arrows into the black beast before he slid down the rocks into the river and that’s when the dragon came back and decided to take revenge on me for killing his playmate. I jumped down from the rocks, about to cross the road when some Thalmor happened upon us quarreling in the woods. They came to my aid, oddly enough, and helped me bring the beast down.

Oh, you had nails with no milk for breakfast?
I had a dragon’s soul.

Another soul absorbed, I returned to the road and followed it until I reached Fort Snowhawk, to which I replied:

Mind if I take a tour of your facilities? No trespassing? HA! ‘Trespassing’ isn’t in my dictionary; I supplement it with ‘excavation.’

“I like a challenge.” and decided to enter the fortress. Two skeletons at the entrance, died, each with a shot from my bow and the Necormancers inside . . . so many necromancers. They were like spiders invading a home; there was one atop the fort’s bridge that overlooked the perimeter, three at the back of the fort, two on the ground level, and equally as many skeletons, which luckily had bodies of glass and were easy to kill. The first two necromancers fired icicles into my gut, which didn’t hurt more than it made me feel numb. They were killed with my blades. The next one was at the back of the fort near a tower that was lit, sort of like a lighthouse, which I shouted her over the edge which killed her instantly. Two more followed me up the stairs; the first I cut down with the sword, but the other, a novice necromancer, challenged me.

“I will show you how great my powers truly are!”


He died instantly.

Afterwards, I entered the fort. Turning to the right, I followed a staircase downward and that’s when I quickly spotted the next necromancer sitting precariously in a chair. I shot an arrow in her, but it didn’t kill her and she took off into the fort. However, I didn’t notice the skeletons lying on the ground, which she raised as her undead puppets. I shot one and she raised another, so I shot it down too, and when she didn’t reappear from the doorway, I entered myself. She was cowering on the steps that led up to a gated doorway which could only be opened by a lever or pull chain. I fired one more arrow into her and she plopped down on the stairs then slid to the floor.

Another necromancer had noticed my presence and raised the dead woman to attack me, but I was sneaking and she ran straight past me, giving me a chance to run up the stairs, press the button on the wall that opened the door, and enter a room with beds. On each side, stairs led upwards and met at a balcony which had a hallway leading further into the fort. I followed the steps and found the culprit at the end of the hall. I fired an arrow into her when some skeletons came down the next hallway at the right. The necromancer ran off, I was stuck with two more skeletons, which of course, were easy to bring down. I shot them, and that’s when the chaos happened.

The necromancer had run down the hall the skeletons had come from, but at the end of this hall was an Arch Necromancer, who was more than infuriated with my invasion. After killing the apprentice, the arch raised the dead, and sent the undead after me with a fury, all while firing ice spikes that would make dead men scream with pain. I tried to run, but the stupid things weigh a ton, I shouted, I fired arrows, I even recharged my Nightingale blade, which I rarely ever do! My potions were running dry and I was running out of escape routes.

I finally devised a plan in an instant: I was low on health, I summoned an old friend of mine (Lucien Lachance ) to my aid, he distracted her for a second before I used a scroll to summon a storm atronach. I darted back down the hall and over the balcony. I scrambled for potions and ingredients, anything to be used for healing. Not much was found. I heard the fight coming from the hallway and went to aid my beast, only to find he had already been conquered. She was a feisty necromancer, too, never ceasing to hit me with a spell. I equipped a staff I had been saving for a rainy day, a staff of paralysis, and a staff I carried for such emergencies, my staff to summon a flame atronach. I used the flame atronach staff first, figuring it could buy me time, I used my fast heal spell a couple of times before my flame atronach drove her out of the room and into the hallway, then after the witch’s spell wore off, I pursued her, hit her with my staff of paralysis then shouted fire into her face. She went down for a second but rose back up and that’s when the hacking came. I chopped like I hadn’t chopped before with my Mehrune’s Razor until finally she died . . . sorta.

You ARE dead, right?
I’m gonna take your word for it and . . . uh, if I could just . . . squeeze past ya there. Yep, just gonna see myself out.

I was so exhausted after the battle, I almost didn’t check for treasure, though I did get an ebony mace and an enchanted sword of some kind. Afterwards, I returned to Skyrim, out of potions, out of stamina, out of breath–the nearest town, of course, just had to be Morthal of all places. I headed east and entered the town where the burnt house had been investigated. Entering the town, I headed straight for the potions shop where I restocked my healing potions, sold the dragon bones and scales from my fight with the dragon, and then headed back outside.

I decided I wanted a little money and saw Benor leaning against the bridge of the town that led to the mill. The little twerp was giving me the stink eye, so I figured I’d show him a lesson, especially after the day I had and he offered 100 gold pieces if I could beat him in a brawl. No biggie.

A few fury attacks, some loud, yes, loud hits from my fists, and about fifty small hits in his face and he toppled over. We even had a guard as a spectator! He handed over my victory money, and I rented a room at the inn for the night. Ironically, the little brawl for Benor’s entertainment and my bragging rights, earned me the title of Jarl in Hjaalmarch and a fancy new sword.

Well, this escalated quickly. 100 gold pieces AND a new sword.

All in a day’s work. Tomorrow, since I’m so close, I’ll be heading to Druadach Rebout to retrieve a sword for the Ghost of Old Hroldan. Ah, it feels good to sleep again . . .