Skyrim: Uncensored – Day 5 (Finale)

It’s the last day of Skyrim Uncensored! I hope you’ve all enjoyed seeing my original character and her hike around Skyrim and the chaos she encounters on a daily basis. If you enjoyed this tale, you may enjoy my other Skyrim Adventures: click the URLs and join Athena Wolfguard at OR Elsa Flarest at!

So, what’s next after this? We go back to our daily routine: game reviews and game discussions. Something a little more tame, unfortunately for you daredevils out there. I would suggest soaking up this Skyrim Uncensored post! It’s a good one! Now, I present the Series Finale of Skyrim Uncensored . . . . . .

From Morthal, I headed west. To get to Druadach Redoubt, I crossed over the burnt house, over the hill that passed closely by the swamp. It wasn’t far from Morthal, just a straight path west to the border of Skyrim. I crossed over numerous hills and rounded rocks, until I came to a path where the snow faded away and dirt could be seen on the ground. As I rounded the corner of some rocks, following the winding path, I came upon some Thalmor who were more than eager to take my head off. They said that I was interfering with Thalmor business and two started shooting lightning bolts at me.

What did I do? Step on a pebble? Maybe they were making skooma and I had snuck up on them. Either way, I shouted my Unrelenting Force to get rid of the first two, then focused all my energy on the main Thalmor, the armored elf. He was cackling away about how he was going to make me pay, yada yada yada. A little Fire Breath and he started begging for mercy.

Please have mercy? Let me think about it–nah.

I slit his throat with my blade and found an interesting execution order that mentioned killing me in it and that I had interrupted their activities. If they were talking about that night at the Thalmor Embassy, man, I got wasted. I started acting like a chicken, people said I was screaming something about Martin Septim turning into a giant golden dragon, then passed out on the floor. It was a mess.

Well, good thing my name isn’t “Smudge.”

But that was more than a year ago, how long will they hold a grudge? Sheesh, freakin’ elves.

I continued up the hill and and over a cliff where I found Druabach Redoubt, except, no one attacked me. The place was infested with Forsworn; I paid no attention to the matter and entered their neat tent that led into the hillside. Madanach was there and happy to see me–which was funny actually, because when I released him from Cidhna Mine, I had planned on killing him–no one escapes Cidhna Mine . . . no one.

Don’t mind me, just gettin’ a sword from your chest.

This situation was perfect however, so I let him and his Forsworn buddies be all friendly and caring toward me while I made my way to their sleeping area and found Hjalti’s sword in a giant chest. Afterwards, I left, not wanting to stir up trouble at 2am, and made my way south. Old Hroldan Inn apparently was some historical site where Tiber Septim won his first battle–big whoop, I say! I crossed over into Nordic Heaven last year! That’s more impressive than some battle!

Anyways, along my path I ran into two boys trying to sell me some dwemer junk. The boy wanted me to pay him and he would take me to some bridge where he found the stuff, I really didn’t care about finding the bridge, but I did want to show the little boy a lesson, so I told him he’d better show me where he had found the items or I’d bend him over my knee.

Where are your mothers?!

He called me a big bully then ran off. I continued onward. I followed the rocks crossing over the mountain, when I ran into the boys again.

Go home, Sond, you’re drunk.

After splitting up, I crossed over the river at the bottom of the mountain heading toward Soljund’s Sinkhole. By the time I got there, light began to show and daylight was bursting forth. I followed the new dirt path and found what appeared to be a murder scene. A miner was face down in a pool of his blood and his lady, a Breton, was propped up against a blood splattered tree stump. Beside her body I found a journal that talked about how she and Talvur were in love, but her father didn’t approve. So one day, her father was going to take her on a trip, but she ran away and met Talvur who apparently had some life savings in an old stump. I looked up and saw a moss covered stump shaped like a tent. Behind it, I found a soul gem, a knapsack with a a book, some gold, and an amethyst, then of course 35 gold pieces from the coin purse.

Looks like it’s my lucky day!

Afterwards, Old Hroldan Inn was just around the corner. I entered and there was Old Hroldan’s ghost sitting in a chair, sipping his mead in a tankard.

Because it’s completely normal in Skyrim to walk up to a delusional ghost, who’s drinking beer, and give him a sword.

He kept thinking I was Hjalti, which according to the innkeeper was a another name for Tiber Septim. He took the sword graciously and then vanished. The innkeeper was very grateful for my helping her put the ghost to rest, and after running her dry of her food supply, I left and found an old friend waiting for me outside the inn.

I hope you’ve had a nice adventure, traitor.

I decided I would still have a little bit of time to make it to Whiterun and headed east. Along the road, I was riding along, and instantly some boots came flying from the side of the mountain, as if someone had thrown them at me. I don’t know where they came from, or what happened, since no one was on the road at the time.

My next book shall be called, “The Mystery of the Flying Boots” and it will be a bestseller, I tell ya what!

We were finally out of the swampy environment of the Reach and into the fields of the Whiterun Hold. In the middle though, not far from the road that headed to Markarth, I found some pillars and what appeared to be a sewer grate, but inside there was a chest and a skeleton. There were turning stones with pictures of a fish, a snake, and a bird and then in the center a lever to open the gate.


The first two I rotated to a fish and a bird, and the last, I kept rotating because the pillar was broken and didn’t have a picture for the sequence. Finally, I rotated it a third time and pulled the lever and the gate shot open. Inside the chest was some gold, a spell tome, and a healing potion. I took it and then saddled Shadowmere again and we continued east past the watchtower and up to the city walls. It was late afternoon by the time we arrived and I tiredly dismounted, heading into the city.

I’m clever, aren’t I, ending this playthrough with a door?

Well, guys, I appreciate you coming along with me on my journey across Skyrim. I deserve some ale and bread.

Good night, people.


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  1. I did the Hroldan inn quest today. I did not sneak past the Forsworn–I hacked them to pieces with my Ebony War Axe. I showed them who keeps the sword–me. ;)

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