Dear Diary, It’s Wednesdate!

Yep, Wednesday will be the day I update you on what’s going down with my Skyrim adventures! (Get it? WednesDATE? Like, upDATE? I’m so clever.) I’ll tell you what you possibly might have missed and what’s to be expected, such as recent posts, posts to come, and of course, the links so anyone new to the stories can find them with ease! This doesn’t have to do with my Skyrim blogs, but I have made a Twitter account for my main blog (@NCDiariesOGG (I know, it’s really complicated, but it’s the only one that didn’t look like it was saying fagg at the end.))

A Skyrim Tale:

I’m currently working on the next chapter for Athena, and it’s big one, there will be three or four parts to it on the blog, so just be prepared for Chapter 22 of “A Skyrim Tale!” Still can’t quite think of a title for the chapter either, but that will come later. I’m so excited for you guys to read these upcoming entries! Athena also has a new Twitter account @AthenaWolfguard (



Elsa Flarest’s Skyrim Journal:

Elsa has had a very busy weekend! She’s written 7, yes, SEVEN, diary entries! She has also made it to the month of Heartfire! Hooray for Elsa! More diary entries are pending, but for now, I’m focused on Athena.



A Skyrim Tale v 1.0:

Yes, I’m referring to that blog, you know, that I used so long ago,, I’m oddly happy to announce, sort of?, that my original blog has reached 5,500 views. Congrats unused blog!

So, stay tuned for Athena, and later on in the week, Elsa!

This is ncdogg,
WordPress, that’s what I like about blogging! (sung to the DQ theme song)