Dear Diary, I’m Joining Steam

With a little persuasion from my boyfriend, other than letting Steam speak for itself, I’ve decided to join the crowd and sign up for Steam.


First off, it’s free to join, the only thing that isn’t free are the games, but they’re cheaper on Steam anyways than buying the disc at the store. They also have sales every few months or so where you can buy games at a discount, so it’s pretty cheap.

The second reason is, it’s on the computer. If you’re a gamer, you know, PC is the Lord of Game Hosting. The graphics are better on the computer, the games run better on the computer; the whole experience is better on the computer (especially Skyrim, BioShock, and Borderlands.) Besides that, expansions are pretty cheap too on Steam, not they aren’t cheap for Xbox too, but it’s just easier to buy the expansions on Steam and have it right there. The only downsides: Steam usually gets expansions/add-ons after Xbox and the problem with the saves not loading right on different computers, I think the experience will be overall more enjoyable.

Thirdly, games. I love games, I love gaming (not so much so that it’s my whole life and priority), but with Steam, it’s easy to browse through and see what kind of games look appealing to me. Rather than having to look up a million reviews so I can see what I’m supposed to look forward to in the game, I can just see the top selling games on the platform and decide ‘yes’ or ‘no.’

My final reason: I’m hoping to possibly get better screenshots instead of taking a picture with my phone. I’d like to have An Oblivion Tale played on the computer to get better picture, but if worse comes to worst, it’s back to the Xbox.

What are your thoughts on joining Steam? If you have a Steam account, what do you like or not like about the platform?

This is ncdogg,
Happy gaming!


9 thoughts on “Dear Diary, I’m Joining Steam

  1. That’s cool. I’ve joined Steam two years ago and I’m pretty happy with it. I don’t have space to store game boxes and I like the idea of not having to hunt high and low for the CD if I want to reinstall a game. It’s the convenience of knowing that my games are all kept in the same place and ready to download at any time that appeals to me most. Of course the frequent sales helps too.

    For a large part of my life, I’ve been a console gamer and I didn’t see a huge difference between PC gaming and consoles. Sure, PC have better graphics but you don’t have to worry about hardware requirements with consoles and I prefer using a controller to keyboard and mouse. Then I played Skyrim and it blew my mind. The world of modding opened up to me, and now I preferred gaming on the PC.

    The main problem I have with Steam, and it’s not really their fault, is that not all console games made it to the PC. I guess it’s for the best because it’s not as if I have time to play all the games I want.

    • That’s why it appealed to me too. The convience of it all being right there on one platform.

      Haha. I still prefer my wired Xbox controller to my mouse and keyboard too.

      Yeah. I kind of feel like if all the games I enjoy playing on my Xbox went to PC, I would probably become an obese hermit. Haha.

      Thanks for your comment! I love feedback!

      Yeah. I

  2. Likes:- Cheap games, I highly recommend portal, and portal 2 they are always on sale, and such brilliant games.
    Getting the computer version of the game means you can use mods, for instance in Portal, you get fan made levels to try and beat which is awesome.
    You can record your computer gameplay for free, not just take screenshots, here –
    You’re right about expansions being cheap, I have all Sims 3 expansions and they cost next to nothing in the sale – if you dont mind not having them on release day.
    Steam has better Indie games than Xbox and they are more often free.

    Dislikes, it can be buggy sometimes.
    Games take a lot longer to update, especially if you have expansions.
    My games run better on console, but my pc is getting old, and I only use a laptop.

    All in all, basically I use Steam as an “add-on” to my Xbox. If theres a game I want on Xbox, but its been out a while, I’ll check steam first, but there’s no way Id give up my xbox :D

    GL on steam :)

    • Thanks! I completely agree.

      I’ve played Portal before. Awesome game.

      Yeah, I have an outdated desktop computer that needs a lot of things done to it, such as a new motherboard, a new graphics card, just the works actually–I just need a new one altogether. Haha. So yeah, my games run about the same on my desktop and Xbox, it’s just I have to turn the graphics all the way down which sucks.

      I would do videos of my gameplay, but right now I have no use for them. I just need the screenshots. I appreciate your help though and maybe one day this will come in handy for me! :3

      • You can take screenshots for Steam games using the F12 button (default) but you can change it in the preferences, Saved screenshots can be found in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\\760\remote\\screenshots

        Just sharing cos it took me a while to figure out how to do it.

      • Sorry, posting the path for the screenshots again cos it shows up as incomplete.

        C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\(your user id)\760\remote\(game id)\screenshots

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