Dear Diary, I’m in Love . . .

So, you’ve clicked on my blog, which means that you probably are wondering what the heck I’m talking about, right? A gaming blog posting about love and romance? Well . . .

I’m not really in love, but I would like to spread the love to all my fellow Skyrim fanfiction writers!

What made me want to do this? I was sitting at work the other day, trying to think of my next blog post. I was scrolling through my favorite Skyrim fanfictions, seeing if there were any new chapters posted, when I realized most of us Skyrim fanfiction writers spend hours on end, trying to think of the perfect description, the perfect dialogue, the perfect fight scene, and for what? Rare appreciation, if not from fellow fanfiction writers, and little love.

So today, I dedicate my blog post to the first fanfiction I found on WordPress:

The Misadventures of Zander

The Misadventures of Zander is a tale of an Imperial who becomes shipwrecked in Skyrim. He ventures forth, with wit and humor to make his life more worthwhile in Skyrim’s harsh blizzards. He travels to various cities and towns, looking for odd jobs to make money, performing his Skyrim duties, and of course, making fun of most everyone in his path one way or another.

I was instantly hooked reading the captions for his screenshots, like one which featured him talking to Mikael, a bard working at an inn, who wouldn’t leave a woman working at a produce stand alone and the caption read:

I would say you have a face only a mother could love but she doesn’t seem to like your face either.

Pyrelle’s writing ability made me finally pursue writing my own Skyrim fanfiction, something I desired to do ever since the game was released. His techniques make you really see the harshness of Skyrim and the dangers an adventurer would face on his journey. He’s brought his character to life, with inspiration of his own (The Elder Strolls), and makes the whole trekking across Skyrim a humerous and engulfing tale!

Pyrelle, this blog post is for you, keep on writing!

Do you have a fanfiction you want to suggest? Comment below.

Do you also read The Misadventures of Zander and want to give a shout-out! Go ahead, the love is welcomed here!

This is ncdogg,
Stay safe, Zander!


4 thoughts on “Dear Diary, I’m in Love . . .

  1. *tear* I am touched an honored you enjoy the misadventures so much. Thank you for your kind words and support they are greatly appreciated.

  2. Thanks for following my own little fanfiction :) ( I began writing it for myself, not thinking anyone who bother to read it. Glad to see you appreciate them. I’ll make the entries more humourous. I’ve been quite “matter-of-fact” about what’s been going on with Else, but mostly because I’ve been holding back on little jokes or comments, given that each entry is nearly 1500 words!

    I’ll keep it going. The 22nd of Last Seed should be released tonight if all goes well and I plan to keep going with that one for quite a while. As you noticed, I seem to be remaining around Riften. I don’t plan on going very far from there just yet :)

    • I also want to point out, that dragon encounter on the 21st happened exactly the way I wrote it, and I took that screenshot in between thinking about taking out my bow and running the hell away from it :P

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