Dear Diary, ncdogg Origins: Why Start a Blog?

So, yesterday I posted about how I became a blogger. Now I want to tell you how my blog came to be ncdogg’s Non-Confidential Diaries of a Gamer Girl. So let’s start about a year and a half ago . . .

About a year and a half ago, I posted my Sim stories on a forum called Carl and Pam’s Sim Guide, and those of you that play The Sims or are aware of The Sims in some way  or another, have a pretty good chance of knowing what this site is all about (Sims.)

Now, I understand forums and sites that allow you to post your stories or comments or opinions must have regulations, blah blah blah, rules and limitations, yada yada yada, but this was getting to be a nuisance. Every other post I submitted to the site, I was scolded and corrected:

Exhibit A: My New Story

The first time I squeezed by with just a tiny scratch. I had completed my first tale of Rex Rocker: A Rockin’ Mom and had started her son’s story Ares Rocker: A Search for Beginnings. The administrator must have been desperate to watch me slip up and told me I didn’t need to start a new thread for new posts. I had to explain to her that I had already finished Rex Rocker and that this was a separate story.

No foul, no harm, I continued posting and commenting, reading and basically enjoying my summer of Sims. Then . . .

Exhibit B: The Quickly’s

I made a Sim file that featured a couple named the Quickly’s and they had 6 kids all at once, taking their house to the maximum household number. For my first post, I simply put that I was trying out a new project that involved my Sims have 6 kids.

I was told to reword my introduction because I had used the word ‘project’ and all projects must be approved by an administrator.

Two strikes and I didn’t stay around for the strike-out, and on July 6th of last year, ncdogg was formed! WordPress, being a blogging site, didn’t really care about what I posted, where I posted, or what words I used, I was free to express myself in any way I wanted to and I chose to talk about games.

How did your blog come to be? Do you have an origin story you’d like to share? Comment or link below!

This is ncdogg,
Neeba-daba-do! – Simlish