Dear Diary, ncdogg Origins: The Story Behind the Name

To end this 3 part series of ncdogg Origins, today I’ll tell you the story behind the name of my blog and trust me, it’s definitely NOT what you think or would think! It’s actually sort of . . . strange, how my name came to be, so, here’s the story behind Non-Confidential Diaries of a Gamer Girl.

As I mentioned, on July 6th, I formed ncdogg, but how did I get my name?

I sat in the kitchen with Toby and my mom as I asked opinions about what my name should be for my blog. I wanted something with dog in it, but most everything was obviously taken which couldn’t be more expected. So we started with simplicity: making an acronym out of dog . . .

Diaries of a Girl – Absolutely freaking not!

A Girl’s Diary – Heck to the not-in-a-million-years!

A Gamer’s Blog – Taken

A Girl’s Gaming Blog – Taken

Diary of a Gamer – I’m liking this direciton . . . but taken

Diary of a Gamer Girl – A little bit of diverting from the right direction, but still good–and taken

So, I finally thought of the perfect word: Non-Confidential, of course, because it will be viewed by the public.

Then, inspiration, and an available blog address:

Non-Confidential Diaries of a Gamer Girl and thus, ncdogg was born.

Now, I know some of you see my blog name and immediately think, “Oh great, a gamer girl. I’m out of here.” but I never intended  to have Gamer Girl in my name. I know I posted a few months ago about some gamer girl post I had found, but after some blog spring cleaning, most everything that didn’t have anything to do with gaming was moved to the trash.

So, this ends my third and final part of ncdogg Origins!

How did the title of your blog come to be? Comment or link below!

This is ncdogg,
This… IS… SPARTA!!!