Dear Diary, It’s Wednesdate!

It’s Wednesdate, which means it’s time for me to update you what went on during the first of the week and what’s to be expected later! Today, we embark on a very boring adventure . . . and I’ll tell you why when you click “Continue Reading!”

A Skyrim Tale:

I’ve posted part one and two of Chapter 22 of The Elder Scrolls Tales. Unfortunately for you guys, I’m not at home this week, so you’ll have to wait to get the end of that chapter. Good news though! I’ve got BIG, HUGE, MONSTROUS  things planned for Athena and I’ll probably end up writing out the rest of Book I and filling it in with the playthroughs’ random occurrences, screenshots, and the dialogue from the game. (I was kidding about the monstrous plans for Athena thing, but I do have big plans.) Also, I did post a funny extra the day before yesterday, just to lighten the mood a little, if you haven’t seen it, you can find it at:





Elsa Flarest’s Skyrim Journal:

I already updated Elsa several times in the past week, and I don’t have many more diary entries planned per se, but that’s not to say I’m gonna stop updating her story. Like I’ve explained many times before, I mostly use her for creative inspiration or to get past writer’s block for Athena. I’ve also changed the style of her entries too. Instead of making it a super long diary entry, I’ve condensed the posts into summaries, just like a diary. I’m hoping it’ll still be interesting to read too.



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