Dear Diary, Happy 11 Months of Blogging!

Yep! Today marks the 11th month of blogging for me! Next month I will officially have been blogging for a full year.

So, we’ll give an overview of a majority of the things that have changed, and when my 1 year anniversary comes, we’ll recap everything I’ve learned and changed:

We went from art, dogs, games, and stories, to 99.90% games.

I’ve made quite a few friends, had quite a few experiences, posted quite a few “diary entries” and probably made a couple of enemies.

I’ve had quite a few views, comments, and likes!

Today, ncdogg, I dedicate this blog post to you, to me, myself, and I, to my blog! Happy 11 months, and let there be 11 more months to come for . . . ME!

This is ncdogg,
Stay fresh.