Dear Diary, I’m a Christian and I Read About Using Magic

You’re a Christian and you use magic? Blasphemy! Sinner! Hypocrite! How dare you call yourself a Christian and practice the dark arts! Well you caught me, but what if I told you . . .

I’m not the one practicing magic. I just read about it in a favorite Skyrim fanfiction of mine. They don’t practice magic in real life, but in the video game The Elder Scrolls. They write an excellent tale about a Breton who travels Skyrim, finding trouble in strange places, arguments and battles with friends and enemies, and of course, facing a variety of Skyrim’s dangers, befriending Jarls, and practicing magic:

Today, I dedicate my blog to another one of my favorite fanfictions:

Elspeth’s Epic Disasters

Elspeth Aurilie takes fanfictions to a whole new level with her creative genius. She has taken Skyrim and made it her own domain, her own land to venture into, and taken the characters we know and love and widening their dialogue with their familiar personalities. ¬†Elspeth travels Skyrim, training day in and day out, making friends in Jarl Balgruuf the Greater’s court, accompanied by Lydia, the protector of her main character, Elspeth, and of course, falling in love and fighting dragons.

Elspeth is the ambitious, mage who won’t stop at anything that steps in the way of her duties. Thought a bit prideful, she still has sense and knows her limitations . . . at times. So what brought me to reading her fanfiction out of the sea of Elder Scrolls stories out there? Her style of writing. Elspeth is probably the best writer I’ve seen on WordPress when it comes to dialogue and description, and I envy her writing abilities. Though no screenshots are provided on her ventures, none are needed due to her amazing usage of metaphors, similes, and imagery.

Elspeth, keep up the excellent work! This blog post is for you!

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This is ncdogg,
Don’t practice magic too hard, Elspeth, you may get burned!


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