Dear Diary, I Don’t Have Anything Important to Say

We finally returned from a 16hr. drive yesterday from vacation. I think I did pretty good to keep you guys busy while I was gone, but now that I’m actually back, I don’t have anything important to say today, so I’ll just give you the low-down for the week and a bonus picture!

Today, I plan to try out Marvel Heroes with Toby and post a review tomorrow.

I hoping to have the next chapter for The Elder Scrolls Tales posted soon. I have major writer’s block now because there’s so much that I want to put in this chapter, but can’t because it’s too early. I’ve considered writing ahead, but I don’t know where to start, so I’m just sticking to trying to get this chapter finished.

I have been practicing chibi for a few months now. I could still use work on drawing different eye shapes, and DEFINITELY drawing hair. Yes, I can draw hair, but chibi hair is way different for some reason. It’s all chunky . . . yet thin at the same time, it’s weird. Anyways, what I’m driving at is that I changed my art gallery, up at the top. Now it just says Art. I’ve removed any work I’ve done that isn’t related to gaming and put in (so far), three categories of art: Chibi, Pixelated, and Non-Abstract. I’ve already posted (and re-posted) art in each category, so I recommend checking it out! If you haven’t looked already, I’ve posted three other pieces that have not been introduced on my blog:

I was playing around and ended up making a chibi Batman
New and improved Athena Wolfguard chibi
Hand-drawn Athena chibi

If you have art you wanna show off, a gaming blog you want me to check out, or a fanfiction to recommend, comment below! I love feedback!

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  1. I’m badly addicted to Marvel Heroes. It is a lot of fun. Enjoy. If you see Dare Devil/ Thing/ Punisher named DarthSkanky–ping me. We’ll run together. :D

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