Dear Diary, Animal Crossing: New Leaf is Finally Out!

Okay, I haven’t posted my Marvel Heroes review yet, but I will soon. In other news, let’s talk about the new Animal Crossing game that has finally been released here, in the U.S!

Yes, I’m very excited for the new Animal Crossing 3DS game! I have played all the Animal Crossing games and have watched them evolve from complicated, task-oriented games, to easier menus to navigate through, easier worlds to explore (I personally hated the gridded town on the first Animal Crossing game), and putting in an easier way to visit people’s towns from all over the world.

I have read that in New Leaf, you get to be the mayor of the town, which means you get to “design” your town and improve it! You can also set ordinances, which personally I’m very excited about, since I wake up really early and always found having to wait until my DS was set to 8AM very aggravating, but being the mayor, you can have the shops open early in the morning, or stay open until late at night if you play deep into the dark.

Another cool ordinance you can set is where less weeds appear in your town. Especially with someone like me, who sometimes can’t find the time to play the game every day and will sometimes go a week without turning my DS on at all. Now, you won’t have to worry and your town will stay mowed and beautiful.

Along with the new feature of you being the mayor, there will of course be new villagers added to the game and some recurring ones (like my favorite, Biskit.) There are new deer villager species, hamsters, and more monkeys. There are also new frogs, tigers, dogs, birds, cats, dogs, and wolves (yay!)

As always, I’m hoping for improved graphics being that its on the 3DS and set at only $30-35, it’s sure to be a must-buy! I’m extremely excited about Animal Crossing: New Leaf!

Now, this isn’t game art, so it won’t go in my art gallery, but I wanted to show some projects I’ve finished with my Bamboo Splash art tablet (THESE IMAGES ARE COPYRIGHTED):

First up, my first decent looking chibi:

Super Chibi Girl

Next, Toby wanted me to draw a puppy, but I’m still not good at drawing chibi animals, unless they’re in odd positions and not shaped naturally, so I drew a fox sitting on his butt:

Poniros – Foxy

After that, I started looking up ideas for my next chibi project and found lots of cute food and this is what became of my quest:

Chibi Food

Then, my brain somehow thought of the super awesome online game, Sushi Cat, and so I created my own version, combining the fox idea with the chibi food, and created a fat cat eating sushi:

Sushi Loving Cat – Nom!

This last project I took the food I had been practicing drawing and created a cute scene with a food-crazy boy:

Yum, Food!

That’s all for today and now its your turn!

Are you excited for the new Animal Crossing game, or maybe you’ve already bought it and want to tell me what you think about it! Comment below, I’d love to hear your opinion!

Want to show some love for my chibi art? Comment and tell me — constructive criticism is appreciated!

This is ncdogg,
“…Gar, now, wait a moment, ye wee snappin’ turtle. I never got yer name!”


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