Dear Diary, I Found a Postcard from a Very Important Person the Other Day

I just wanna see if you can guess who the postcard is from:

Do you think it’s:

A. The President of the U.S.A
B. The Governor of my home state
C. The mayor of my home town
D. My dear grandmother

If you thought it was any of those, you’re wrong! The postcard was from a very famous Khajiit, J’Zhirr, who sends postcards to his dear Khajiit cat mother from Skyrim. He faces danger in every corner and tries his best to not get killed, so today, I dedicate my blog post to you, J’Zhirr:

Postcards from Skyrim

Postcards from Skyrim, though not truly a fanfiction, is an adventure worth joining. J’Zhirr, the Khajiit, writes to his mother from Skyrim. He takes his adventure deep into the caves and ruins of Skyrim, doing duties for the Companions, performing the Daedric gods and goddess’ duties, and complaining about the human’s strange habits.

Polar provides a screenshot for every post, just as a postcard would look in a gift shop. He captures fight scenes and landscapes, monsters and people, towns and landmarks. He also writes in first person, addressing himself as J’Zhirr (just as a Khajiit would in the game) which makes it fun and interesting to read what J’Zhirr thinks about the strange ways of the Nords.

What brought me to Postcards from Skyrim? The way Polar makes J’Zhirr address himself in third person, making it feel as if I were really reading what a Khajiit would send to his mother on the back of a postcard. The screenshots are also very excellent, capturing each post with just a simple photo! There is also a lot of exploration done and conversing with Skyrim’s locals which makes it all the more interesting.

Polar, this blog post is dedicated to you! Continue writing your mother!

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This is ncdogg,
Sorry about my strange human ways, J’Zhirr!


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