Dear Diary, Day 1 in Omorfiá


So, I bought Animal Crossing: New Leaf the other day. I decided I would do sort of a “live” playthrough of the game for a few days. These may contain spoilers for those of you who haven’t already read up on the game, watched videos, or done anything ACNL related yet. So, if you don’t want any of the game to be ruined for you, don’t click continue reading! (Also, the pictures were taken a little late in my playthrough on the first day because of my excitement, but the later pictures should correspond to the time of the day mentioned for the rest of the playthroughs (thanks for reading, guys!)

Day 1 (June 14th):

I started the day on a train with the familiar cat, Rover, who walked over and asked if he had the date and time on his watch set correctly. He was an hour off, but we got it fixed and he sat in the seat across from me. He asked me my name and then asked where I was moving. I replied with Omorfiá, which means ‘beauty’ or ‘beautiful’ in Greek. He seemed surprised, as if he’d heard of the town, and then showed me a map where villager houses were fairly evenly scattered through the town, the Re-Tail shop and town hall were close together near the entrance to Main Street, and the beach was split in two.

Rover: So do you get to go to Omorfiá very often?

Me: I’ve never been there.

Rover: Oh, today is your first time? That sounds like tons of fun! Can I ask, why’re you headed there?

Me: Can’t say!

Rover: Whhaat?! You’re not going to tell? Hmm. Now I’m even more curious… Boy, I wonder… Oh, wait. I’ve got it! Yeah! Are you perhaps moving to a new town?

Me: You guessed it!

Rover: What? Really?! Mya ha ha! I got it on the first try! Well now, moving into a new place! A whole new LIFE, even! You must be really excited, right? I certainly hope you find happiness!

Afterwards, the conductor announced we were arriving in Omorfiá, we soon we pulled into a train station in the early afternoon.

My belated picture of my arrival (as you can see by the darkness)

After receiving a map from the monkey Porter, who boarded the train, I exited the station where I was greeted by a half circle group of villagers who seemed eager to meet me. After some whispers of astonishment, the blonde shih-tzu at the end told everyone to give their rehearsed greeting, and everyone shouted, “WELCOME!” I’m pretty sure I busted an ear drum. The shih-tzu then announced that the new mayor had arrived to Omorfiá! When I told her she was mistaken, she thought I was joking. I told her again that she must be confused, but she only told me that I had told her which train I would be arriving on and that it wouldn’t be so bad being the mayor. She decided then that we would continue the discussion at the town hall.

She pointed it out on the map, which the town hall was just to the left of the station, and told me that she’d follow me there. So, we left the crowd of people and entered the town hall.

Shih-Tzu: Mayor, this town hall will be your base of operations. Oh! And I completely forgot to mention I’m on staff here too! I’m Isabelle, your secretary, and I’m here to help you in any way I can.

She then went on rambling about the previous mayor, who was much older than I, and that she was surprised I was so young, that I would have to get started right away as mayor, but first I would have to complete a resident registration, because, obviously, being the mayor, I’d have to a resident too. Before, I could do that though, I would need a house. There weren’t any vacant houses, so I would have to choose a place to live on my own and build a house.

Isabelle: Um, on the other side of the tracks, on Main Street, is Nook’s Homes, the real-estate office…

At the top of the map, she pointed to the opening across the tracks I had arrived to Omorfiá from and then told me that after I found a place to live that I would have to come back to her and she would finish up my registration papers.

It didn’t take me long to find Nook’s Homes on Main Street. It sat right next to the Post Office and inside, I found Tom Nook, a raccoon who at first didn’t realize I was new, but after the realization hit him, he welcomed me to Omorfiá.

Tom Nook: So, ncdogg… You’re here today because you want to build a house, yes? Very good! Very good! I can build one just about anywhere you want, yes, I can indeed! So have you decided on where you want to live?

I told him yes—but it was mostly just a general area of where I envisioned my home; somewhere along the beach, where inside my quaint abode I would be able to hear the waves surfacing upon the sand and an occasional seagull passing overhead, but yet, not too far away from the hustle and bustle of town. When Nook and I set out to pick the spot, unfortunately, he told me I couldn’t build a house on sand, so I had to settle with the cliff beside the ocean. Oh, and I’m not sleeping in a house just yet, because it isn’t built, so I’m sleeping in a tent and I have a duct taped cardboard box as my mailbox. Oh, the joys of moving in as the mayor of a new town!

The ole raccoon couldn’t tell me the total of my soon to be house, so he told me to meet up with him later for the bill. He then suggested I go to the Town Hall to see if Isabelle had finished up with my registration papers, so away I went!

She had finished up all of it but one question, my birthday and after filling in November 16th, she handed me my Town Pass Card (TPC) which was my ticket to visiting other towns, and a sort of proof of citizenship in Omorfiá.

With the registration done, Isabelle announced they had a short ceremony planned to commemorate my arrival as mayor of Omorfiá. She showed me a small plaza that was on the “island” of the town. I say island because the river in Omorfiá splits the land, forming a separate cliff from the rest of the town, and on the map, it appears as if it were an island. Isabelle explained that I would be planting a tree in the square to symbolize the growth of Omorfiá and so I followed her out of the town hall and down to the plaza.

All of the townsfolk had gathered at the plaza where a square garden space had been separated from the cobblestone. They had already dug a hole where the sapling would be planted. I looked around at the villagers in my town: there was a white eagle with green tips on her feathers, a yellow rabbit with a scowl and a black moustache, a monkey with a grey face and a light cream colored fur, a white duck with a patch of red hair on her head, and a blue koala with pink eyeshadow and a coffee brown nose. Isabelle handed me the sapling and I set it in the hole, patted the dirt around the small leaf in, and the dusted my hands off.

On June 14th, 2013

ncdogg became the mayor of Omorfiá

Isabelle: Mayor ncdogg! Congratulations! I hope this tree grows just as strong and lively as Omorfiá! All of us are looking forward to the changes you’ll make to our beloved town!

Afterwards, Isabelle suggested I relax for the rest of the day. She also told me that she’d be at the town hall if I needed any advice and that I should explore the town and greet the villagers. After that, the crowd dispersed and Isabelle headed back to the town hall.

I decided to go see Tom Nook about my payment on the house. When I arrived at Nook’s Homes, he announced that my down payment was only 10,000 Bells. (Yeah, ONLY ten THOUSAND Bells, thanks, Tom.) He assured me that finding money would be easy with Omorfiá’s resources like fish, bugs, and fruit. I agreed, hesitantly to pay the money, and he agreed to build me my house as soon as the payment was made.

After leaving Nook’s Houses, I made my way to Nookling Junction, where Tom Nook’s son, Tommy was working in the store. He told me that I could buy and sell items at his shop, like furniture, clothes, fruit, anything really. I didn’t have any money at the moment, so I didn’t stick around for long. The next shop on the block was the Able Sisters where I could buy shirts, pants, skirts, dresses, tank tops, hats, glasses, all kinds of accessories, and umbrellas. Once again, no money in my pockets sent me leaving in a heartbeat.

I decided to go and explore the town. I shook the trees all over town, some even had Bells hidden in the branches, and it looks like Omorfiá’s native food is the cherry. After gathering at least two or three bushels of cherries, and numerous Bells, along with being chased by some bees, too, I headed back to Nookling Junction, where Tommy bought all my gatherings at a reasonable price. I was then able to afford a fishing pole and a shovel. I also bought a fortune cookie, which Tommy explained would have a lucky ticket inside, and if the ticket had a winning number, I could win an ultra rare prize. The first cookie I ate was a winner and earned me a Wii Balance Board. I also bought some paper for letters and then headed back into town where I put my shovel to good use.

I ended up finding four fossils, a rock that hid some Bells inside, and a rock that broke open to reveal an emerald inside. I headed to Omorfiá’s museum where an owl named Blathers was happy to assess my fossils. I donated one, a T. Rex skull and sold the rest for Bells which earned me over 10,000 Bells, enough to pay off my loan to Tom Nook.

Ha, it looks likes its gonna bite my head off.

So, I headed back to Nook’s Homes, where I handed over his precious money, and he excitedly received it with a smile and a congratulatory announcement that he would begin to build my house immediately with my specified blue roof!

Tomorrow, my house will be completed!

After Nook explained that I could update the exterior of my home, he sent me on my way. I spent the rest of the day exploring Omorfiá and greeting the villagers. I also completed some petty tasks for Isabelle, like writing a bullentin board message, planting and watering the flowers in the town, and other miscellaneous tasks with the villagers.

I think I made a new friend…


Another friend, Yuka!

I then decided I would check out my tent, since I would only have it for the night; it was empty and dark, a blue floor and yellow walls. Isabelle entered though and handed me a lantern to help with the darkness. Afterwards she headed back to the town hall. My first day was finally completed as mayor.

(I also visited Toby’s Animal Crossing town, but I’ll mention that later.)


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