Dear Diary, Day 2 in Omorfiá


So, we continue with day 2 of Animal Crossing: New Leaf. The screenshots should be time-consistent with the story now, if not just switched around a little. Onward, to Omorfiá!

Day 2 (June 15th):

So, I awoke to find out we were having the June 15th Bug-Off! Omorfiá’s first competition ever, only one problem — I didn’t have a bug net. No matter, I would do my duties as mayor and then see if Nookling Junction had any bug nets to sell today.

Let me just get my invisible net out . . .

I had received mail for the first time in Omorfiá. One letter was from Deli and another from Gaston, Yuka, and Celia.

Yay! Letters!

After reading their delightful letters, I collected my rock money and my gem.

That’s my “I’m so rich” face


I watered the flowers around the town and tried to chat with some residents.


I also discovered a new resident was moving into town!


Gaston was awake, but he was too busy trying to remember something to chat with me. Deli was still asleep when I walked in, so I didn’t bother him. I went to Yuka’s house and found that she was still sleeping too, so I woke her up—bad choice. She told me not interrupt her beauty rest again. After being yelled at, I checked out the sapling I had planted the day before; it had grown tremendously!

I’ll come back later then . . .
You too, Deli?! Sheesh, does no one want to talk to me today?!
Sorry, Princess Koala.
I’ll just talk to you, town tree.

I then headed over to Nookling Junction, I bought some furniture, but no bug net. Tommy didn’t have any in stock.


No matter though, I headed over to Nook’s Homes and talk to Tom Nook about expanding again. I had already collected the money for the loan of around 40,000 Bells. He told me he would have my bigger home ready in the morning. Afterwards, I went to check out the plaza in town and found a chameleon named Nat, who apparently is the host of the Bug-Off. He explained that whoever brings him the biggest, rarest bug wins a gold trophy at the end of the competition. He told me that the competition ends at 6pm, so I still had plenty of time left to find some insects. He also sold me a bug net for 500 Bells!

I’m ready for some fierce competition!

I was off! I caught several bugs, and after submitting a birdwing butterfly that earned me 71pts in the Bug-Off, I went fishing for a little while. Caught quite a few fish and sharks (later in the day), donated them to the museum.


This Bug-Off is getting intense!


Dirty, stinking ape!








My hammerhead and saw shark!


A couple of hours later, I checked on my ranking in the contest. Deli had submitted a Raja Brooke butterfly, passing my own submission by . . . wait for it . . . ONE POINT! Yeah. He submitted a bug that earned him 72pts. So I had to go find some other bug. I spent a few hours trying to find another birdwing that was bigger than my previous, but none showed up.

I gave up for a while and decided to go see Isabelle about my mayor duties.


She told me that before I could enact ordinances and do public works projects, I had to have an approval rating of 100% by the villagers. She told me the best way to do this would be to change the town tune, the flag, recycle, sell items at the Re-Tail store, donate to the museum, and of course, talk to the villagers. I changed the town tune to “Nine in the Afternoon” by Panic! at the Disco, I changed the town flag to a custom made design, and wrote on the bulletin board to get people pumped about the Bug-Off. I then donated some more fish to the museum and recycled some trash I had found in the river and ocean. I also chatted with everyone in town.


Afterwards, my approval rating had gone from 44% to 94%! I then headed back out, seeing as it wouldn’t increase any further, I caught more bugs and submitted them to the museum and relaxed for a little while. I also bought furniture from the Re-Tail store for my house. Late in the evening, I caught an agrias butterfly and submitted it to Nat—I had shot up to first place with 98pts!

My house!

After the day had wound down, the award ceremony arrived and we all gathered inside the tent where we were handed trophies. Celia came in 3rd place for a Raja Brooke butterfly worth 69pts, Deli came in second with the same butterfly worth 72pts, and I came in first for my Agrias butterfly worth 98pts! Everyone clapped and cheered and threw confetti. Once the competition was done with, I met up with Deli and Yuka who congratulated me on winning first place, both said they were going to try harder in the next Bug-Off to beat me.


I won!

The day was finally done with and as I was headed home, I ran into a sea lion named Phineas who gave me a badge for catching a bunch of fish! I earned the bronze Fish Maniac badge!