Dear Diary, Multiplayer in Omorfiá

So, as I mentioned yesterday, I bought Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Well, Toby did too, and we tried out the familiar multiplayer where you visit other people’s towns in Animal Crossing. Here are some screenshots on the days we visited each other . . .

First Day of Multiplayer:

So, here I am leaving the train station for the first time:

There she gooooes, there she goes agaaaaain!
Wow, that was quick.

And arriving in Toby’s town:

I respect people’s privacy.

On the first day, Toby and I didn’t do much except exchange fruit, check out each other’s houses and residents, and fish and catch bugs. The fun came the second time we played multiplayer . . .

Second Day of Multiplayer:

This is where things got serious (now, this isn’t the second day of playing Animal Crossing, this is just the second time we visited each other’s towns)

So, I had unlocked the island and Toby and I decided we would go together and do some tours:

TO THE DOCKS! (Like my wetsuit?)
Yes, Toby is wearing a Mario mustache, a wrestler’s suit, and a chief headdress…

Well, I had already been to the island before, so I knew about Kapp’n’s singing, and you have the option of listening to the songs while you go to the island . . . I am so glad I was with my boyfriend rather than some random guy . . . things got awkward real fast:

. . .
Kapp’n, just . . . stop the boat, we’ll swim from here.

We had finally arrived to the island however, unscathed, even by Kapp’n’s awkward entertainment:

Signing up to go on a scavenger hunt tour!
Team work!
Second round on the Elite Gardening Tour

We also did the Elite Scavenger Hunt, the Elite Gardening Tour (twice), and bought some souvenirs (I got another aloha shirt (this time in red) and Toby got a wetsuit!) After some swimming and fishing, we headed back to my town and things went from crazy to hilarious. We had stayed up late at night (10pm or so) playing Animal Crossing:

It was fine at first, just some chatting with the locals, visiting my museum, and then . . . out came the bug nets . . .

Chatting with Quillson
Looking at my bugs
Looking at my fossils
Toby caught a bear!
Yep, I did. It was huge.

I had put the Night Owl ordinance into effect, so my shops were open later than usual and my residents stayed awake for a little longer. We decided to give ole Celia a visit, and what started as fun and jest, turned into harassment:

Trying out Celia’s regal bed
Showing Toby her harp (though, he’s not paying attention because he’s too busy rolling back and forth on the bed)
Enjoying Toby’s beautiful symphony after he had shoved Celia into the corner
She wouldn’t move, so we shoved her into the other corner

After harassing Celia, we gave Pompom a visit . . .

We had decided to try her lovely bed out, but Toby decided he didn’t want to get up (or let me out)
Then it became a rolling match
Her frog thought it was funny

We then headed over to the Able Sisters to do some clothes shopping and Toby found just the cutest dress EV-ER!

Oh, waitress, I need another Dr. Pepper, please!
I’m dating a little Dutch girl
He told me to address him as Chief Sissypants
Who says sissies can’t do backflips?

After all the fun died down. I showed him where I was building my new cobblestone bridge. He graciously donated 10,000 Bells to my project, leaving only 20,000 Bells left to finish the donations. Thanks again, Toby! We then headed to his town and I donated some money to his own bridge. My money helped to finish the goal and Toby was able to get a new bridge!


After some fishing, hide-and-seek, and checking out his museum, we decided it was time for bed and called it a night. All in all, the multiplayer part of Animal Crossing can still be extremely interesting with the right people!


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