Dear Diary, Day 4 in Omorfiá


Okay, so the fourth day really wasn’t exciting. I didn’t do much because I had to work, but I did get some things done, you’ll just have to read about them to find out . . .

Day 4 (June 17th):

Today was the first rainy day in Omorfiá. My house was of course expanded again!

Bigger house! Hooray!

I did my chores when I happened upon another reserved area for a resident! Exciting!


I also fell into my first hole. Sad day.

Stupid pitfalls!

I had also planted some banana trees (along with mango, durian, and pear trees) yesterday, so I went to check on them. 3 out of the 5 banana trees I had planted were dead.

Here lies, banana tree, who would have been the biggest, prettiest banana tree of them all.

I didn’t worry too much about it because the ones that did live looked healthy and strong. At the plaza, I discovered a tent with mahogany red and leaf green trim, unfortunately, the tent wasn’t open yet so I had to go find other things to do to bide my time.

Mysterious tent . . .

I checked the bulletin board and found a notice stating the camping site was finished, so I ran over, and sure enough there was a little spot with bricks and a lantern where people could set up camp.



After checking out my first finished project, I went to see Isabelle about the next one (after asking about the town satisfaction rate (we’re still in the development stage.)) I decided to build a second bridge, which we desperately needed; I constantly had to run to the west side of town to get to the docks and other residents’ houses. She also informed me that she wanted to hold a small ceremony for finishing the camping site, so I could meet her there, or pass on it–but why would I pass out on the ceremony?! I agreed to attend.



So, after picking a spot, Lloid returned to ask for donations for the bridge.


I gave him all the Bells in my pockets, which wasn’t much, maybe 10,000 Bells. Then it was time for the ceremony to congratulate the finishing of the campsite. Since Celia was the only resident awake, it was her, Isabelle and I who gathered in front of the site. I gave a short speech basically telling everyone good work and then we popped the celebratory toys to finish off the ceremony.


Afterwards, I decided to head to the island to make the big monies. After all, the tropical fish are worth more than local fish, right? Plus I needed money for the new bridge project.

I did some tours, caught a whale shark and I joined Club Tortimer! Apparently, now I can tour the island with people from all over the world! Sweet! I also bought myself a wetsuit and a blue aloha shirt! When I returned to Omorfiá, more residents had awoken and the tent at the plaza was finally open for business!

Gardening Tour



I talked to Deli and delivered a present to Charlise for him, I chatted with Pompom who suggested we build a lighthouse as the next public works project, and I ran into Yuka at the Re-Tail store who bought one of the items I had put up for the flea market. Cha-ching!

I’ll deliver it, Deli, just stop looking at me like that . . .
Too bad. You’re getting a bridge, and you’re gonna like it!


I finally got around to visiting the fortune teller Katrina who had set up the tent.


She gave me my fortune and said that pants were good for me. At least she only charged 500 Bells, what a waste. (However, I did go buy some pants from the Able Sisters.)

What’s happening?
. . . . are you on drugs?

I also did some swimming and fishing at home too, caught an ocean sunfish and a few non-impressive carps. I also donated some fish and bugs to the museum, too.



My hammerhead shark, great white shark (only the game says its just a shark), my whale shark, and part of my saw shark. SHARKS!

By the end of the day, I was able to completely pay off my loan to Tom Nook and to pay for the cobblestone bridge I was building. I was 226,000 Bells out, no money, but I had finished the project and the loan for the next house.


At the end of the day, I got some feedback from Gaston about the new Night Owl ordinance which had been put into effect. He said he really enjoyed it and I’m enjoying it too. Maybe tomorrow will be much busier!



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  1. We have two of the same villagers! I also have Dehli and Gaston! Spooky! Also is your fruit pears? I’d love to trade! Pear is the only fruit I’m missing! X3

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