Dear Diary, Day 6 in Omorfiá


It’s almost been a week since I started my Animal Crossing life in Omorfiá! Lots are to be expected in the coming couple of days that require you to be in the town for at least one week! I’m super excited!

Day 6 (June 19th):

Another rainy day in Omorfiá and it wasn’t even the good rain that just keeps pouring; it would rain for a couple of hours, then stop, and then start for an even longer time and stop again. I stayed indoors for most of the morning, rearranging furniture before finally going out and watering the flowers.

Bananas and Mario Go-Kart! Awesomeness.

I met with the new resident, Katt . . . I want her gone, forever. I never want to see her face ever again. I’m not even sure if she’s a cat, honestly. She looks like she came from a long lost grave and had plastic surgery that went oh so wrong.

I’m having a very hard time believing you’re a cat.

Besides her, I found some fossils that I donated to the museum and found out that the big blue box yesterday was for the Gardening Center! Yay! I went inside and was greeted by a sloth named Leif. I bought some flowers and an axe. The store is super tiny so I’m hoping it’ll grow the more I contribute to it in the future.


Its really impossible to make a sloth look cute. They’re just ugly critters, poor guys.

I also found a Jester’s shirt to go with my Jester’s mask. I’ve decided to not ever wear it because my hair makes me look like an actual Jester. After collecting money, fishing, bug catching, trying anything to gather up money for the 100,000 Bells left to donate to the lighthouse, I decided to visit Club Tortimer.

This isn’t going to work out for me.

Ah yes, I also had a visit from a delightful camel named Saharah, who gave me a citrus rug and ancient wallpaper, for the low, low price of 3,000 Bells.


What’s done?
Whoa-ho-ho, Saharah!

I caught quite a few fish, and met some interesting people who were kind enough (some of them) to exchange Friend Codes with me. Some I tend to scare away, I think because I don’t “talk leik dis n use shrtr words 4 u 2 read w/.” Besides the point, some even let me take pictures with them.



I also visited, probably 5 islands where all the trees were chopped down. I understand that bugs spawn on the stumps, but you only need chop down two trees for it to happen. You don’t have to chop down the hibiscuses too. Besides that, I met a cool kid dressed as Link, a really awesome girl from Japan who was eager to exchange friend codes with me, and a guy who visited my town and brought Katie, a kitten, to Omorfiá. My favorite person on the trip was a guy with a Samus helmet on, who unfortunately couldn’t find his friend code, so it was all in vain.

Uh . . . I guess they hate trees?
They do make for good seats though.
Here’s the culprit . . . oh, you didn’t do it?




My first unknown visitor!
And he brought a kitten!
My thanks really goes out to you, Samus, whoever you are.

Afterwards, I let Toby in my town when I told him I finally had cherries available for him to take.

I’m a motorcyclist who gives out free cherries!

We also found out we had matching clothes on, too. He also donated to my lighthouse, leaving only 50,000 Bells left to finish the project. I gathered another 10,000, and then he finished the donations himself. Thanks, Toby!


Another picture of our amazing matching abilities
Lighthouse — COMPLETE!
All that travelling actually paid off!

Later on, I returned to Club Tortimer and fished and caught bugs, and finally scrounged up enough money to finish paying off the 60,000 Bells left on my loan! Another finished project and loan-free life (for maybe three minutes before I dug myself into another loan payment.)


Nook offered to build me a second floor to my house for 298,000 Bells and that it would be completed in the morning! Yay!


Why yes, I do love being in debt to you, Tom Nook!

All in all, though not extremely busy, today I still got a lot completed!



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  1. Ahaha, I was desperately hoping for some cat villagers in my town but I sometimes forget there are uggo cats as well D: I just need Bob to move in and my life is complete ^_^

    • Yeah, and unfortunately, its not just the cats. There are plenty of other ugly villagers too.

      And I love Bob! I think my all-time favorite villager though is Biskit.

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