Dear Diary, Day 7 in Omorfiá


Onward and upward, we’ve arrived at day 7 (now, I still haven’t been in town for a week, not until tomorrow I think, so I wanted to clear that up.) I did a lot of multiplayer stuff yesterday because I really just wanted to wind down and take it a little slower. So, I present Day 7 of Animal Crossing: New Leaf . . .

Day 7 (June 20th):

I really didn’t do anything today. I couldn’t decide on a project until the end of the day, I did still chat with the villagers and water the flowers. I didn’t pay one Bell to my loan either. I really just relaxed. I found out that I’m not the only one who thinks Katt is creepy looking, even my villagers think she looks like an ogre!

I knew there was something I liked about you.

I also visited Katt and her house is actually pretty cool looking. After chatting around, I headed over to the town hall and attended the ceremony for the new lighthouse.



My speech consisted of “On to the next project!” and everyone clapped. We popped the confetti, and then it was over, but I still couldn’t decide on the next project to start on, so I headed to Nookling Junction.

I bought my fortune cookie and won Majora’s Mask! No, no, not the game, the actual mask!

That’s more like it!

After buying some furniture, I headed back to my house and along the way I discovered a brand new orange lily! Yay! (Except I ran through it later that afternoon.) When I returned to my house, I realized it had gotten bigger!


I headed inside and checked the new second floor bedroom. A bit drab, but it didn’t take me long to spiffy it up with some citrus carpet and pawprint wallpaper. I had also ordered some furniture after visiting Toby’s house at the HHE, so it had arrived in the mail: my new watermelon table, wall fan, and white lucky cat.


After setting up the new bedroom, I headed to Able Sisters and bought a cat cap, which earned me some second glances from Gaston who thought I was an actual cat. I had also been talking with Sable every day since I had moved into town, she’s always so quiet and doesn’t say much. Being an introvert myself, I had sympathy with her, but today, she finally opened up to me!






I’m a cat! FLY, BIRDS, FLY!


I later had a planned visit from Celia who visited my home and got to check out my upstairs bedroom. I was mostly trying to get her to tell me what the next public works project should be, but she didn’t, well, no one wanted to give me other ideas. With no luck with the project ideas, I decided to head over to Re-Tail to sell some fish and bugs I had caught after my visit with Celia, only to find out, the blue alpaca, Cyrus, who was Reese’s husband, had finally awoken!


He told me that he refurbishes furniture and redesigns them to my liking. I already had the perfect project for him – my minimalist couch which I wanted to be grey instead of white. He told me that my couch would be ready in half an hour, so I decided to go visit Club Tortimer.

I met a couple of people, some left right when I got there, I talked with one guy who visited my town and complimented my house after visiting Omorfiá (I’ll refer to him as Jay) and I scared another girl away by accident, after that, I returned to Omorfiá where my couch had been completed. I then gave Cyrus my modern table to be changed to grey as well and returned to Club Tortimer and that’s when I met a really cool girl who I will refer to as Kay. We exchanged friend codes and I headed back to my place to open my gates.

Yay! Visitor!
Grey couch!
New friend!

We played around a bit, I showed her Katt and she was about as amazed as I was about the atrocity roaming my streets. We chatted a bit about the buildings and NPC’s we had unlocked before I had to leave, but we agreed to meet back later.



When I returned, Jay wanted me to visit his town to get the oranges he promised me since I gave him my mermaid lamp. Another person however, wanted to come to my town. So, I opened my gates, the person came and then left, saying he’d be right back (he never came right back.) Then Jay showed up and gave me the oranges and while we waited for Kay to arrive, we searched for a lantern fly for Celia (she was being quite needy today.) Kay arrived and it became a contest to see who could catch the lantern fly, however, none were showing up, so we decided to head to the island. We did tours (each of us took a turn to pick) and searched for the lantern fly, but we couldn’t find any, so we headed back to Omorfiá.

Away we go! (No creepy music from Kapp’n either.)




We played around a bit, searching for the lantern fly, talking with villagers, and cliff diving. I also introduced Jay to Katt. His reaction was about the same as mine and Kay’s. Afterwards, Kay gave me her Arwing and Triple Red Shells, for free! How awesome!

“Flyyying, flyyy in the skyyy, cliff racer flyyyy soooo highhh, flyyyyyyingggggg!” (I’ll congratulate anyone who knows what that’s from.)

Kay being goofy.


Once the fun died down, Jay went home and I visited Kay’s town. I was super excited to see someone else’s town for the very first time (besides Toby’s.) She showed me her house and I was amazed that she had more flowers than Toby around her house. It was really beautiful! She also had a Zelda Triforce in her home which played the chime that was at the beginning of the Super Nintendo Zelda games . . . nostalgia set in real quick. I played it like 10 times.



Then Kay gave me her T.V.! What?! She was giving me so much free stuff, I couldn’t not pay her back, so I helped her out with her loan by giving her 20,000 Bells. She was very grateful too, as was I for the new T.V, Arwing, and Triple Red Shells. Afterwards, we chatted with the villagers and I got to try her town’s famous coffee brew at the Roost.


She thought it was funny.

We goofed around in there and she told me that she had the Bell Boom ordinance in effect. Then we decided to head to the mall and I went straight for Shampoodles where I had my hair redone. I went too red, and too dark, but the style seemed to fit. Afterwards, Kay showed me the way to Kicks where I tried on every pair of shoe (accidentally bought some ugly red ones), and bought some new boots and black stockings.

Whoa! I’m a totally different person!
They feel like shoes, Kicks, they feel like shoes.

Then we headed to the T&T Mart and I bought a tricycle for my partially playroom themed living room. We also goofed around in there a lot, I acted like I was mugging the store and then it turned into an outdoors shoving match.

See what debt gets you? You get demoted from mayor to working with raccoons at a convenience store.


We took to the streets to wrestle it out . . .


A few good laughs later, she showed me Club LOL. That place . . . was . . . awesome. K.K. Slider was no longer on his stool with a guitar, but blasting the music as a dj. Kay and I danced and watched the slideshow on the screen behind the famous dog. We bobbed our heads back and forth which was really amusing to watch, and I also met Dr. Shrunk, the newt.

K.K., my man!
Fist pump!

Dancing and having fun!


We stayed in the club for a good half hour before investigating her dream suite, which is closed during multiplayer, so we headed to her museum. She had already unlocked the second floor with Blather’s sister, Celeste. Kay even let me buy the silver net that was for sell in the museum! Yay! We checked out her fish exhibit. She told me that she was missing the saw shark because a friend of hers accidentally caught it before her.

She definitely dives more than me. I’m so lazy.

We also looked at her bug exhibit, which was a little more completed than mine, and her fossil exhibit.


She has way more fossils than me, so it encouraged me to donate more instead of selling half and donating half. We started talking about the paintings that could be donated to the museum and when she told me that Redd was in her town, we headed to her plaza.

Wow! I really need to step up my game!

Sure enough, the familiar green tent was there, and while I waited for Kay to get done investigating whether some of the paintings were fake or not, I took some pictures of her town tree. Hers is bigger than mine and looks more like a tree instead of a shrub.



I entered the tent and bought a moving painting for 4000 Bells which I would later find out if it was fake or not. Afterwards, we shook all the trees in her town and received nothing but Bells and furniture, a side effect of it being in multiplayer if I had to guess. Then I headed down to the beach where, ironically, I caught a saw shark. We laughed about it, and then it was time to say farewell.

That’s just how I roll.

When I returned home, I decided to take a look at the Arwing and Red Shells. The Arwing played Star Fox music and the Triple Red Shells spun around automatically. Pretty neat. After I set up my TV in front of my couch, I tried on different outfits to see how my hair would hold up. It got a B+, only because I didn’t like the color. I headed out to finally start a new public works project with my outfit, and decided to do the Reset Center. I set it near the railroad so it wouldn’t be in the way for new villagers or other projects. Once Lloid had returned to the reservation, I headed home.

Finally decided on a project


Today was a good day!