Dear Diary, The Sky is Falling!

Okay, I usually do this on Saturdays, BUT, I’ve been too busy soothing my substance addiction–no, not alcohol, what kind of person do you think I am, people? I’ve been addicted to Animal Crossing: New Leaf, but I’m back now, and I just want to say that, the sky is falling!

I’m not talking about Chicken Little either, I’m talking about a fan-tabulous (yes, that’s a word now) fan-fiction called The Day Helgen Fell by Jake Elliot! Of course, I think most of the fan-fictions being written here on WordPress are fan-tabulous, but this one is really awesome too! So today, I dedicate my blog post to you, Strumbul War-Proud:

The Day Helgen Fell

The Day Helgen Fell is written quite differently than the other fan-fictions here on WordPress. It features Strumbul War-Proud who is caught is caught in the attack on Helgen, just after arriving to his Nordic homeland, Skyrim. He is forced to clean up after his fellow Nord’s wrongdoings, all while meeting incredible people, lethal creatures, and hindrances while he tries to return home and avoid his destiny.

What brought me to this fan-fiction? Technically, the WordPress Reader, but I would have to say the carefully calculated setting and background he gave to his character which gives Strumbul depth. Of course, the amazing attention to detail and description doesn’t hurt and without going overboard. Strumbul meets some familiar characters along the way, but Jake Elliot gives them his own spin on their personality, especially the housecarl Lydia. His dialogue for his characters could not be constructed any better, and all in all, The Day Helgen Fell is a fantastic fan-fiction worth reading!

Jake Elliot, this blog post is dedicated to you! Keep trekking through Skyrim!

Do you have a fanfiction you want to suggest? Comment below.

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This is ncdogg,
It will get better, Strumbul, hopefully!


3 thoughts on “Dear Diary, The Sky is Falling!

  1. Thank you for the shout out!

    I try to follow your blog closely because every week you have someone else who is simply fantastic (like the postcard guy.) His blog is truly great.

    Deeply, I thank you for including my contribution on your list of fun reads. (Lydia is a blast to write about, but I’m plotting on bring in Benor next. Lydia will be around for at least a couple more months.)

    • You’re so welcome! I like people to be interested in what I’m interested in, and you guys are such great writers!

      Awesome! I have been reading your posts by the way, I’ve just been busy doing my playthrough, so you’ll soon get some likes from me! I’m very excited to see the next chapters!

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