Dear Diary, Day 8 in Omorfiá


Its officially been a week since I’ve started playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf! With a new day, we meet good friends, good events, and good NPC’s!

Day 8 (June 21st):

Today was the day of the summer solstice which meant that it would be daylight all day long. I was already beginning to miss the moon. I instantly headed over to the plaza where Isabelle was “hosting” the event.


She gave me some ladder shades, which looked hideous, and there was also a face cut-out stand of a sunflower and sun. I tried it out making different faces.

Why kids wear these, I will never ever know.

After having my fun, I found Phineas north of the plaza and he awarded me the bronze Villager Representative badge! Yay!


Once I had watered the flowers and collected my daily profit from the trees, I headed over to the museum to see if the painting I had ordered at Kay’s town was faux or legit. It was a fake, so I ended up recycling it at Re-Tail.

I love wasting 4,000 Bells! Thanks, Redd!

I also ordered a modern roof from Nook Homes which would be finished in the morning

A little later, I headed over to Jay’s town and played with his friends some, we made faces in the cut-outs and he let me see his house because I had given him a mermaid lamp. It looked awesome, he had collected so much mermaid stuff, and I was taken aback.

This house . . . wow . . .

I also met a villager whom I contracted nostalgia from: Walker, the dog! He had lived in my Wild World town for a year and half before he moved away, partly to my not playing anymore. So, it was nice to see a familiar villager.


After leaving Jay’s town with some funny memories, I opened my gates and Kay came to visit. She and I had fun playing with the cut-outs too before she had to leave suddenly.

Kay sunflower hates ncdogg sun!

At noon, I finally got to visit Umbrielle’s town and I was so jittery too because I was eager to see the epicness for myself rather than just seeing the pictures.


I gave her the pears I had brought over from my town which completed her fruit collection and then she gave me persimmons which finished mine. She let me explore her town freely; she had sidewalks, roses, and other custom designs spread all over her town, which made the trek across her village all the more fun. She had several face cut-outs and other public works projects laid out too, and so many plants and flowers, it was beautiful.


Her house was decked out exteriorly with mermaid, but inside it was cuter. She had a lot of pink furniture, rainbows, and butterflies, it was literally the epitome of cute! She warned me that the upstairs was not as nice as the room downstairs, so I checked it out for myself.

Aw, mermaid house!
Nice pad, Umbrielle!

It was cluttered with balloon items I had never seen before, but it still matched so I told her it was better looking than my own second floor bedroom, which had a citrus rug, pawprint wallpaper, and a wall fan. After that, I sneakily left her some money because she gave me two fortune cookies, for free, and some furniture too! I couldn’t let her get away with giving me free things!

Afterwards, I headed to her Shampoodles to see about changing my hair, because let’s face it, my hair was hideous, hence the DJ cap . . .

Wow, Hariet, you managed to make me look ever uglier than before.

I got it changed, but the hair color still stayed the same. Ugh. Ah well, at least I had a better looking do, sorta, not really . . . Umbrielle and I added each other as best friends so communication would be way easier and we tried to get her into my town, but something kept going wrong, so we gave up for the time being. We still had a lot of fun though, so maybe next time we could do more things together instead of exploring!

Something going wrong . . .
My favorite picture with the hope of meeting each other again very soon!

When I headed back to my town, I discovered that Deli was trying to move away. I demanded him to stay, and oddly, that little bit of authority convinced him not to move. (Oh, how I wish Charlise or Katt would come to me and say they were moving.)

Oh no you’re not!

After saving my best friend from a bad decision, I headed over to Able Sisters having a brilliant design idea planted in my brain and created an awesome t-shirt!

zeldateefront zeldateeback

When I left Main Street, I found Phineas by the train station and he awarded me another badge! I guess I had forgot to mention that I had been visiting Club Tortimer for the rest of the day catching a TON of fish for Bells.


Speaking of Club Tortimer though, I ran into this little dude. Oh, the adventures to be had at 4AM when you can’t sleep. He was a Japanese boy wearing a dress, chasing me around the island with an axe and kept whacking me with it! The first thing he did when I got on the island was welcome me with “fxffajhhisu” (whatever that means.)

Um . . . what?

He had obviously chopped some trees down and to escape his constant shoving and following, I sat on the stump, but he dug holes all the way around and made me fall in one.

This time, I think this guy really is the culprit . . .
Gee . . . I don’t know what open parentheses, flat, arrow arrow, open open parentheses, flat means . . . what planet are you from again?
Run that by me one more time . . .
If only Toby were here to translate whatever it is that you’re spewing out of your mouth!

I tried to translate the words he was saying from Japanese to English, but Google Translate can never be trusted with foreign languages. The little guy chased me all the way around the island before I finally asked Lloid for a swim suit and took refuge behind the hut where I was stung by 10 jellyfish.

In this picture, I kid you not, he is currently chasing me with that freaking axe. I was so creeped out . . .
I think Toby said he’s saying, “Do you speak in romanji?” But I had been typing in Romanji the entire time AND he was answering my questions too, so I don’t even know why he was asking that.

I then had to sneak into the hut to escape his constant pestering! After he confessed his love for me, I laughed and said I wanted a divorce, but he didn’t understand, because of Google Translate, so I left and never ever went back to the international island ever again. So I learned a valuable lesson today: never, EVER, go to the international island at 4am, U.S. time . . .


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